Friday, January 29, 2010

Just Going Through a Phase Right Now

For those who don’t know (I only have 2 readers, and both of them know this, but whatever), before studying architecture I was supposed to study marketing. That dream lasted about, three days. Still, it was a major that I chose after a lot of thought, since it does involve certain art tricks and for that, it will always have a space in my heart (ps. cheesy is the new black).

Now I realize that those two majors aren’t exactly different paths, and that takes me to announce that this Barbie is now available in a new (dream) job presentation.

Architectural Marketing. You’re intrigued, aren’t you? Basically I want to leave the hard job of actually designing the house to other people, but I would help them convincing someone else to give them money to do so. And how, you ask... with pretty pictures, of course.

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Can you say fucking beautiful?

(Credit to ArchiCentral and National Geographic for the pictures)

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