Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Most of Them Would Probably Marry Dopey Guys

My construction technologies’ class is the typical class you can’t pay attention to. You want to, but an ink spot on the ceiling will steal your interest in a heartbeat.

Today I really tried (I always try, I swear), I even asked a few questions about… Uhm… Huh… Oh, yeah! Steal on structures (sorry, it wasn’t as relevant as I thought it would be). Suddenly two classmates arrived (late, by the way), let’s call them Girl 1 and Girl 2, they both sat right behind me. Girl 1 almost broke down in tears, telling the other one how much she loves her boyfriend but wants to break up with him. Now, that caught my attention! Girl 1 proceeded to explain how this guy was so overprotective, jealous and controlling… And he doesn’t even live here. She wants to leave town, study abroad as an excuse to break up with him. Girl 2, being smart enough, told her how she should just get over it and end up a relationship that isn’t healthy at all.

Isn’t it sad that I find WAY more interesting this girl’s problem (which had a very obvious solution) than a class that's so related to what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life? In Spain, colleges are supposed to be harder and kick ass, it worries me that I don’t have enough passion for my major and then, I wouldn't make the grade (and that will, eventually, mean the end of the world indeed).

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