Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Even Smart Girls Do it

On my first post, I was pretty serious about not knowing how to cook a thing.

Today I decided (well, honestly, my mom decided) to change that. And now, I’ll proudly announce I made spaghetti, spaghetti meat (of course), rice, Spanish omelet and chicken parmesan… Fancy, I know.

Does anyone else notice that delicious smell of independence?

Just a tip for all aspiring cooks: Don’t leave your fingers near a knife when you’re cutting potatoes, (or anything for that matter.) I learned it the hard way.


  1. The deal is this: If you like food, like I do, but move out, like I did, the only real option is to learn how to cook. Or to be rich, which I am not.

    Try this "Iranian" Mirza Ghasemi (probably horribly misspelled):

    Rice (hey!)
    Rice noodles
    bell peppers
    chili peppers (hey hey!)
    okras/gombos (one of my fav veggies)

    Dice & fry the eggplant. Set aside.

    Drain the gombos and the water into a saucepan and add more water (enough to let the veggies float, no more), (diced) peppers and tomatoes and boil on high until the gombos go soft (30+ mins).

    Meanwhile, fry a handfull uncooked rice noodles in the butter until they turn light brown. Add rice, salt, water and cook rice like normal.

    Then turn down the heat. By this point, most of the veggie water should have evaporated. Drain the rice and mix it in with the veg and eggplant. voilĂ . it's tasticular.

    (I'm omitting eggs in favour of gombos and bell pepper, but you can really mix & match)

  2. I had a very retarded laugh when I read the “hey hey” after chili peppers… You just reminded me I’m leaving in a couple of weeks and I still don’t know how to cook a thing…
    At least I can fry an egg, I mean, that sets me up in level 2, right? RIGHT?

    I will try it, promise (when I stop being such a coach potato) and I will tell you everything about it, ok?