Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Supposed to be Physical, and Spiritual, and Artistic.

Here’s a fun fact for you.

Barbie won’t be an architect, and it’s not a cute way of saying I don’t want to study architecture anymore; the actual doll won’t be available in an architecture presentation… Or whatever.

For the first time Mattel asked people to vote for Barbie’s next career, a way of celebrating her 125th and 126th profession. The options were computer engineer, architect, news anchor, surgeon and environmentalist.

I already blow the surprise, as an architect she already failed; however, as a computer engineer and news anchor she did not.

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Now you have a new topic for your conversations… You’re welcome.


  1. If only I'd known it just takes glasses and garishly coloured clothes to be a computer engineer, I wouldn't have bothered with university or all that other reading I did.

    Mind you, sometimes I could use glasses, but the clothing issue is really odd. Most of the engineers I met wore high- or lowriding faded striaght-cut jeans and ironic t-shirts inside. Also, cell phone holsters and huge backpacks. They also were either malnourished or obese. Computer Kens they were not.

  2. You’re talking about men here… I’m pretty sure girl engineers wear pink glasses an 90’s clothes; I mean, Mattel wouldn’t lie about it, wouldn’t?

    I should have been a news anchor, I bet I would look pretty damn well in a pink suit.