Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Most Marvelous Idea You've had All Day

The respect I have for my readers asks me to warn you before it’s too late: this post doesn’t have a point, at all (unlike any other post I’ve wrote… Compliments later, please). I just have this uncontrollable need to show off the fact that I just bought a new camera.

I have a super duper new camera!
OMFG!!11!! ClapClapW00tClap!!!1!!111!!

For a while, I’ve been using my dad’s camera… Which is a great camera but I don’t do the whole sharing thing; so I saved money and it finally pays off.
So, without further ado (I always wanted to say write that!), a pretty picture:
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It’s a Fujifilm WP, which means it’s waterproof. If I don’t get a chance to go to a pool soon enough, expect a lot of pictures of me taking a shower; I would get my money’s worth and some internet popularity at the same time.

Oh, and the camera it’s pink. PINK!

Friday, March 19, 2010

We Win, or What?

I would like to say I’m going to enjoy Mexico at its fullest before leaving. Unfortunately, Mexico doesn’t want to be enjoyed right now. If you live in a happy little world (which I’d politely ask you to invite me) a quick visit here will make you understand what I’m talking about.

But I like blinding myself from the real world, so instead of keep talking about it I’ll announce I did enjoy being a pretty little Mexican yesterday… At a soccer game.

Mexico vs. North Korea. Yes, juicy, you can say it! It was a huge event, especially since my hometown doesn’t receive international teams of any kind, so almost every single acquaintance I ever had was there.

The down side? The batteries from my camera died, so I just have two pictures of this glorious moment.
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We are really proud of our new stadium, so don’t disappoint me… Tell me what an amazing piece of architecture it is. You may also compliment me, while you’re at it.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Yes, I enjoy eating nachos as much as I enjoy being a walking cliché.
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If someone would’ve taken a picture of me on the middle of all the excitement, this would be the result. To make up for the lack of pictures, I decided to illustrate all of you with my professional drawings in which my parents invest their money in.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Royal Pain in the Ass

Wednesday was one of the most frustrating nights of my life, weirdly enough, was a little bit fun too.

I had to hand in blueprints of a house with at least 7 bathrooms the next day(I officially hate rich people with big houses) and I knew I was for a bit of a torture when I thought “well, I have all freaking night, it’s not so bad”.

Everything went as nice as an “all-nighter” could go. All my classmates were online and you wouldn’t believe how chatty and funny people get when they’re sleep deprived.

Also, I wanted a chance to mention a song that kept me from blowing my brains out when my laptop clock turned 5 am and I still had a hell of a lot of work to do.

I don’t know how you people feel about Latin rock. You should give it a try either way… Especially with a song titled “little whore”.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Have a Splitting Headache

I don’t want to make this post more dramatic that it has to be. I don’t really feel like going into details… I will, soon enough; just not now (that did sound way too dramatic, I apologize).

Ok, enough about me. I’m asking you, whoever you are, to please analyze a popular quote and answer me as honestly as you can:

Would you really rather regret something you did, that something you didn’t?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Waiting for this Prostitute to Show up

It seems like my brain only has enough creativity to carry two dream themes. I wouldn’t call them recurring dreams, since it isn’t the same dream over and over… No, the plot does change; but at the climax it’s virtually the same thing.

The first kind is more like a nightmare. I get into a car, start driving it, and suddenly I lose control. It could be from numerous reasons: breaks don’t seem to work, the car decides to be a punk, or because, for whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea to drive from the co-driver’s seat. It’s pretty frustrating.

The second theme, it’s a lot more fun to have, or to tell about… Or to watch a movie about *giggles*... Some way or another I end up having sex with somebody, and notice I said “somebody” not “a guy”. Yeah, on my dreams I go both ways... Even though I like being a dream whore, there’s always an uncomfortable situation the next time I talk to the person I dreamt of.

I could ask for a semi-professional online opinion of what do those dreams say about me, and if you got an idea I’ll love to read about it; but I think it’s pretty obvious: I’m a horndog and I’m afraid of dying in a car accident.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Do you Feel Absolutely no Concern for your Future, boy?

You won’t believe me, but I do realize the point of this blog is to talk about my move to Spain; the thing is, there’s not much to talk about right now. Apparently I have to wait until the end of this semester, finish the classes I planned to do here so I could certify them and ask for a place on the university. Summer will be a busy busy busy time for me… Right now, I’ll just continue to write creepy entries about my dog.

But I want to make clear that I’m doing an effort. I was checking again for residencies, only on Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) since I’m deciding that’s the place I want to go… I’m putting all my eggs in one basket, I know, I’m that irresponsible.

Ok, there are two places I’d like to live in… I’m actually voting for just one, but option number 2 doesn’t sound that bad after some research I made of other places, I’ll just say this: There’s a (just-girls) residency called “Slaves of Jesus Christ”.

Crossing out places that seemed a little bit strict or just plain creepy I end up with my two options that have a gym, library, pool, internet, study rooms, cleaning service, gas, electricity, water, blah blah blah.

So let’s start with option number 2, shall we?

Cardenal Cisneros

There’re a couple of pros for this place (starting with not being a slave of anybody) like that they clean your room once a week; but there’s a feature which I’m not really sure how I feel about: food service. This residency is about 100 Euros more expensive than the other (€585, exactly), but this is because it includes breakfast and lunch. I’m kind of a baby when it comes to food, so if the place serves food that I like this is a big YAY!, if it doesn’t… Well, you know.

Also, I’d have to share a bathroom. I know, I’d survive I have shared a bathroom my whole life… But I’m not looking forward to share a bathroom with a stranger.

Oh! And there are pictures of the place… Like this one:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I’m sure these girls are really happy to be here, but honestly, I don’t give a damn. I really wanted a good picture of the room.

Giner de Los Rios

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now, if I could, I’d marry this place. I don’t care if it’s just an illusion of really well-made marketing, just for the fact that they made the place look so freaking cool, I’d have sex with the building.

This place doesn’t serve food, but the room includes a kitchen, which makes my whole effort of learning how to cook worth it; AND I’d have my own bathroom… Everything for the small price of €465!
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Here are some pretty pictures, of course! (Without happy girls all over them)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Seriously now (or something close to it) do you guys have any advice of how to choose a place?

It's Supposed to be Physical, and Spiritual, and Artistic.

Here’s a fun fact for you.

Barbie won’t be an architect, and it’s not a cute way of saying I don’t want to study architecture anymore; the actual doll won’t be available in an architecture presentation… Or whatever.

For the first time Mattel asked people to vote for Barbie’s next career, a way of celebrating her 125th and 126th profession. The options were computer engineer, architect, news anchor, surgeon and environmentalist.

I already blow the surprise, as an architect she already failed; however, as a computer engineer and news anchor she did not.

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Now you have a new topic for your conversations… You’re welcome.