Saturday, March 6, 2010

Waiting for this Prostitute to Show up

It seems like my brain only has enough creativity to carry two dream themes. I wouldn’t call them recurring dreams, since it isn’t the same dream over and over… No, the plot does change; but at the climax it’s virtually the same thing.

The first kind is more like a nightmare. I get into a car, start driving it, and suddenly I lose control. It could be from numerous reasons: breaks don’t seem to work, the car decides to be a punk, or because, for whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea to drive from the co-driver’s seat. It’s pretty frustrating.

The second theme, it’s a lot more fun to have, or to tell about… Or to watch a movie about *giggles*... Some way or another I end up having sex with somebody, and notice I said “somebody” not “a guy”. Yeah, on my dreams I go both ways... Even though I like being a dream whore, there’s always an uncomfortable situation the next time I talk to the person I dreamt of.

I could ask for a semi-professional online opinion of what do those dreams say about me, and if you got an idea I’ll love to read about it; but I think it’s pretty obvious: I’m a horndog and I’m afraid of dying in a car accident.

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