Friday, March 19, 2010

We Win, or What?

I would like to say I’m going to enjoy Mexico at its fullest before leaving. Unfortunately, Mexico doesn’t want to be enjoyed right now. If you live in a happy little world (which I’d politely ask you to invite me) a quick visit here will make you understand what I’m talking about.

But I like blinding myself from the real world, so instead of keep talking about it I’ll announce I did enjoy being a pretty little Mexican yesterday… At a soccer game.

Mexico vs. North Korea. Yes, juicy, you can say it! It was a huge event, especially since my hometown doesn’t receive international teams of any kind, so almost every single acquaintance I ever had was there.

The down side? The batteries from my camera died, so I just have two pictures of this glorious moment.
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We are really proud of our new stadium, so don’t disappoint me… Tell me what an amazing piece of architecture it is. You may also compliment me, while you’re at it.
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Yes, I enjoy eating nachos as much as I enjoy being a walking cliché.
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If someone would’ve taken a picture of me on the middle of all the excitement, this would be the result. To make up for the lack of pictures, I decided to illustrate all of you with my professional drawings in which my parents invest their money in.


  1. First picture: Awesome stadium. Go Corona.. uh yuh! and cute.
    Second: Whats that over there? *points* *waits* *steals nacho* *whistles innocently*
    Third: Money well spent!

  2. It’s a pretty cool stadium, really, as I said, my hometown is really proud of it. And, hun, I’d have gladly give you a nacho (just one though) : D