Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Started Wondering like a Bastard

The past few days have made this Project so damn real it’s almost scary.

My mom forced me to go to this creepy reunion of rich Spanish people she calls friends, in which, for almost an hour all they did was talk about me moving. This lady said I should apply to a lot of colleges in Madrid, that the fact that is such a big city “shouldn’t intimidate me”.

That little snotty bitch… I will apply to those super cool colleges and insert the acceptance papers where it fits, since she’s not intimidated by big things.

My other encounter was in my own living room, where my parents and my bff’s parents sat for another couple of hours discussing us. Well, they’re all up for it. Everybody is.

Terrifying, isn’t it? Classmates, friends, family, ladies with big capacities already imagine us there. Hell, I even have a blog about it.

It’s a deal between my bff and me, if we don’t make it… We will buy a bunch of Spanish postcards and runaway somewhere else. No one will ever know we failed.

But if we do make it, we’ll both have something to miss as hell:
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She just bought a puppy… Soon, she won’t think I’m pathetic for crying about a dog.

Oh… And here’s a picture of me driving.
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Yes. Random is my middle name.

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