Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coffee, Gentlemen, Finally

I was hoping last text would be the only Complaining-About-Staying-Up-All-Night-Working post I’d have to write in a long time… Or at least within the same week.

No need for an intro anymore, right? Let’s just cut down to the chase.

The final assignment for my Construction Technologies class was to build a model with ‘real materials’. My team chose Tadao Ando’s Church of Light thinking “it’s a simple structure”; well, it turns out, we’re a bunch of idiots.

I’m going to shorten up a boring story by telling you that getting together with five other people for almost six straight days wasn’t enough to get the work done, three of us had to spend a whole night in my house (backyard, to be more specific) finishing the stupid thing (I know, it’s not the church’s fault… But let me call it stupid just this once).

This time I don’t have pictures that show the different stages we went through that night… I just have pretty pictures (insert a couple of giggles here).

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There’s absolutely nothing interesting going on in this photo… I just upload it because it’s the only one I have where I’m actually working. It proves it wasn’t a voluntary (and weird) sleepover.

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The only thing this photograph proves is that I like to take pictures of guys’ butts when I think they’re not watching, and that I’m obviously bad at it.

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There aren’t any pictures of me sleeping in a weird place since I didn’t sleep at all that night. Really. It’s just sad.

Still, he should be honored; he’s the first guy I spent the night with since I broke up… Bad joke? I don’t even know anymore.

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Jealous of not having the ability of sleeping on the floor or on my own hand, I got all the enjoyment I needed by taking pictures of the people who could.

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This adds nothing… I just thought my baby looked disgustingly cute.

This story has a happy ending. Even though we ARE idiots, we are the kind of idiots who build awesome churches.

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to the fruit of my loins:

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If that photo didn't make you go all I.Have.To.Marry.This.Girl.Now (or you’re the artistic kind) maybe this one will do the trick:

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I know I’ll be carrying pictures of this baby in my wallet for years ahead.

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