Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Can't Ever Find a Place that's Nice and Peaceful

My blog’s theme is something like “Hey, I’m going to Spain someday… Meanwhile! Read about my life as an architecture student who complains a lot”. Well, I’ve been given the chance to complain a big deal and be sure I’ll use it. Right about… Now!

We were told about a project on Friday at 11am, which we had to hand in at that same hour… on Saturday. You know what it means, right? I had to spend my Friday night on Campus… Working. Without any kind of sleep.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a horrible experience; long, frustrating and beautyless (sleeping does it for me, ok?). But it was, I’ll admit it, interesting. Now that it’s over, I’m glad I did it, especially because I now have something to blog about.

Pictures are the way to go here.
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3:04AM: Time when I fully comprehend the fact that I was spending a whole night at school… So, I did the logical thing: I grabbed a piece of fabric and pretended it was a “wedding thong”.

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3:08AM: I pulled my shit together and I decided to keep doing my work… Just trust me on this one, even if the picture shows me on Facebook and msn.

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4:11AM: This was actually a nice moment right there. My friend was on the phone with her “one-night-stand”… I could hear him say she “smelled great”. You would think that’d make me feel uncomfortable. It didn’t.

(Oh, and please remember what I told you. Sleep does it for me…).

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7:56AM: Exactly what it looks like.

It was around that time when I pulled some philosophical crap: “Light keeps us from perfection”. Of course I was talking about how hard was to sleep with the lights on… But it sounds really deep and smart, don’t you think?

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8:29AM: At that moment I actually considered marrying coffee, and having a really kinky honeymoon.

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11:10AM: A friend captured the moment of “FUCK EVERYTHING! I WANT TO BE A UNICORN!”

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11:47PM: …To be young and beautiful… After a bunch of bitching I decided I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

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