Monday, June 21, 2010

Dying Nobly, for Some Highly Unworthy Cause

This isn’t exactly a subject I would like to talk about, to be honest. I’m the kind of person who, in front of an unfair situation in which she feels completely useless will just turn the other way. Just call me the ‘if-you-can’t-find-an-answer-pretend-there-isn’t-a-problem-at-all’ girl. This philosophy has kept me, my family, friends and the rest of lucky bastards alive.
You see, every single Mexican citizen at this moment has a gun held to his/her head, while someone whispers in their ears “dare to make a sound and I’ll blow your brains in a heartbeat”. You won’t believe this, but you get used to it… What you don’t get used to is the fear of being too close to someone who dares to make a noise, because They will shoot you too, it’s not like They actually care, your life won’t make a difference in Theirs.
I guess I could write about who “They” are, why is this happening and what it’s been done to fight it; but I’m pretty sure you can read all about it with a few clicks on Google. There’s nothing about this subject that I can say that hasn’t been said before.
Maybe, if you don’t know a thing about it, reading it from someone who is living it or, in other words, from a fairly-ignorant-20-year-old-middle-class-Mexican-girl perspective will give it that sense of reality.
I can’t really say how and when it all started, but I do remember the moment I realized we were all fucked. About three years ago, one of my big brother’s best friends was kidnapped. It was an amateur job, They saw him on an expensive car and thought “if his parents have the money to give his darling son this kind of car, surely they will pay a fortune for his flesh and bones”, he and a bunch of other unlucky ones were kidnapped. The money was paid and he was released in a couple of days; best case scenario, the guy has a great sense of humor and he recovered quickly. Still, I remember this incident as the first time I saw my big brother cry.
These trends started happening. “Express kidnaps”, suddenly people hid away their pretty cars, stopped talking about finances and everybody looked over their shoulders. After that, some people decided to feed from this fear; prank calls informing the abduction of a son or daughter, it was so plausible that a lot of citizens fell for it, even if their children were safe and warm in a friend’s house.
After a season when we really thought “things are calming down, huh?” a wave of terror emerged as an awful reminder of what happens when you assume.
Before I tell you what happened next, you should know a thing or two about my city. This place reached economic stability thanks to the fact that it’s located where two important railroads meet. Well, what makes you can destroy you, I guess. Now the city is being fought by drug dealers for its great location. I could go on and on about gun fights in bars, where a bunch of innocent people (including underage teenagers) have died; but I really don’t see the point.
They don’t plan to kill the working class; They ‘respect’ the working class… But if the working class is in the wrong place at the wrong time, fuck ‘em.


  1. We all saw Man on Fire. Which was a great movie. Unfortunately, not everyone knows Denzel, so they cannot send him for revenge. This aside, you've got one more reason to be happy for going away to Spain.

  2. Well, but it's no big relief to fly to Spain when the family stays in the cursed city. Damn. :-/

  3. It's pretty sad. I have some family down there and I'm hoping that many of the issues present can be resolved soon, although it honestly doesn't look that way.

  4. Es una mierda. Una mayúscula mierda. A esa gente no le importa nada más allá de su beneficio. No te engañes: no respetan a la clase obrera; la ven como sujetos que están ahí porque tienen que estar. Y si por el camino se llevan a alguien por delante bien poco lo van a llorar. ¿Acaso sufren cuando meten la mierda en otros paises para el consumo de menores? ¿Tiemblan cuando tienen que disparar y hay inocentes en medio? No, eso no es así. Somos corderos para esa panda de hijos de mil padres.

    Después de mucho pensar sobre el tema (en España nos tienen bastante al tanto de los asuntos del injustamente maltratado México) solo se me ocurren dos soluciones posibles:

    A corto plazo, la legalización de todas esas mierdas. El control del gobierno sobre la jodida -disculpa- droga. Acaba con la miseria del infeliz que la consume y acaba con los asaltos de los que la venden. Pero este paso sin un gobierno incorruptible que dirija bien las tasas con las que se gravarían las drogas y que aplique medidas adicionales es, como se dice por aquí, un roto para un descosido.

    Lo que nos lleva a la otra posibilidad:
    A largo plazo, un crecimiento económico global que aporte salidas laborales y perspectiva a la gran mayoría de la gente basándose en el conocimiento, esto es, educación. Cosa que no va a suceder de la noche a la mañana y de buenas a primeras.

    Y mientras tanto el goteo diario de asesinatos.

    En perro flaco todo son pulgas. Qué vida...


  5. I was going to stand up on my moral soap box and preach about the evils of the world. I have thought better of it and just want to say, how sad it is when the good and moral citizens can no longer hold the evil at bay.

    I fear for you and your family, I hope you all remain well and out of the crossfire. I wish I had answers, but all I have is hope. Hope for the future, hope for the goodness in humanity to outweigh the evil.

  6. @alexle & horstkevin. Exactly. Even though my parents are relieved I’m leaving… They stay here, so are my friends.

    @Bree. Nope, nobody sees the end of this any time soon… On another completely different subject. I’ve been trying to comment on your blog but the option to do so it’s not available. You should change the configuration to let everybody, or blogger users comment you… Of course, if that’s what you want. If it isn’t I just want to let you know I’m reading you :*

    @Juanjo. No me engaño, solo los cito a ellos mismos. Han mandado mensajes donde perjuran que respetan al ciudadano comun, solo le piden de la manera mas atenta que eviten lugares peligrosos porque no se hacen responsables de lo que pueda pasar luego…
    Creo que la mayoria de los ciudadanos estamos de acuerdo en que la legalización seria el primer paso para solucionar el problema… Y aunque ya se han hecho pequeños avances al respecto, no creo que lleguemos a mucho mas. Después de todo, no es como si el gobierno no estuviera ganando dinero de todo ello tambien.

    @Jules. It’s not that bad. I mean, it is… I don’t know, I guess the worst thing is that we somehow get used to it. People here still find it pretty sad, but we are not that easily impressed or scared anymore. Sad, isn’t?

  7. @loladahl:

    I love to read you.

    Just would like to let you know that after I read your post - I dreamt about it. It was weird. Now, I said it :/

    All the best from Jakarta.

  8. I win or loose points if I tell you I googled Jakarta? Looks like a beautiful place, I must say (:
    Thanks for reading me, and I’m sorry for the bad dreams. I feel stupid saying it (and now repeating it) but it isn’t that bad… You know it’s happening but it seems surreal, don’t know how to explain it.

    Dixie, love the nickname

  9. The World has become such a complex mix of nations, corporations, economics, etc... that in terms of having the people blindfoled this is a better era than the Middle Age.
    Only one way to get people to open their eyes and change this unfair system: EDUCATION.
    Por supuesto la prioridad número uno del poder es evitar que haya más de esos incómodos libre-pensadores.
    En mi opinión jamás llegaremos a disfrutar de sociedades justas, no tengo fé ninguna en el ser humano, como cualquier otro animal, miramos por nosotros mismos y pisamos al prójimo, sólo que debido a nuestra inteligencia nosotros lo hacemos de maneras mucho más sutiles, complejas y sobre todo abstractas.

  10. Thanks, no hard feelings about googling Jakarta - I didn't know much about it before moving here either :)

    I'll be following - really love your style. (I got here from failblog:)

    I am really curious about your experiences in Spain!

  11. @ Carlos. Quizás tengas completa razón en lo que dices, pero yo no lo veo así. Aunque estoy de acuerdo en que somos una especie egoísta, desde mi punto de vista, no significa que ese egoísmo nos lleve a todos a algo malo. Creo que, aunque habrá un gran porcentaje que se aferra a hacerme cambiar de opinión, el ser humano puede trabajar para un bien común.

    @ dixie. Thank you! I will try to keep it interesting :*

  12. Lola (asumo que es tu nombre/apodo), yo voy a tener que pertenecer al gran porcentaje ese entonces. Es una visión demasiado utópica de la humanidad la que tienes. En mi país está pasando exactamente lo mismo solo que por otras causas (de índole político). El ser humano es el animal más egoísta que existe. Tu misma lo has dicho, la clase media en tu país se mantiene al margen del problema porque a ellos no los toca directamente, solo son "daño colateral". Mientras tanto los narcotraficantes se siguen matando entre ellos (allí) o los pobres se siguen matando entre ellos (aquí en Argentina).
    Me es un poco embarazoso decir que ya te considero una amiga solo por lo mucho que veo que coincidimos en pensamientos (aunque este no sea el caso), estando tan lejos uno del otro. Fuck, I love the Internets (encyclopedia-dramatica-it (??)).

  13. En Argentina tambien estan pasando por algo así?
    No lo sabía.
    Del unico otro país Americano que sabía que pasaba por una crisis de seguridad es Venezuela. El unico que le gana a México en el número de muertes anuales.