Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Didn't Exactly Flunk Out or Anything. I Just Quit.

Today, at 5:30PM I got into my car, didn’t tell a soul about where I was going. Drove for about 10 minutes until I got there, wishing for a longer road. My palms were sweaty and my throat was dry, ironic; meanwhile my brain was replaying over and over the same made up conversation.
Today was, after all, the day I chose to tell the Head of the Architecture Department I’m leaving, for good.
My reaction is not overdramatic, I swear. This dude has been our teacher for a bunch of classes; he’s 34 and has an amazing relationship with his students. Also, I used to have this little crush on him, and since I’ve always got good grades in his classes, I joked about what a big crush he had on me too (never told him, of course!). I guess it’s safe to say we get along great.
When I arrived, his office was empty; but, no problem, his secretary offered to call him up, wherever he was. I don’t know who the hell she was talking to on the phone, but she asked me to repeat my last name about 6 times “so you are…? I’m sorry who? I forgot, what was your…? One last time, please…”this went on until a point where I really doubted that was my last name; suddenly it sounded funny and weird... Whatever, he was on his way “if I could only wait for him a while, please”.
I waited, but my anxiety wasn’t going away. Judging by the way I feared people could actually hear my heart beating you would think I was about to ask my teacher to prom, or something. I had this huge scenario going on in my mind, which included him on a fetal position yelling at the top of his lungs “WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME? I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING!”.
I tried to keep myself entertained with anything while I was there; keeping my mind off the subject. I didn’t consider my cell phone as an option, in the Blackberry/iPhone era it’s not cute anymore when you start playing Snake on your old ass Tamagochi… My shirt was a great plan B, though, since I couldn’t decide how many buttons I should leave undone, I ended up going for two (but now that I think about it, I should’ve unbuttoned one more… I mean, if I was about to “break up” with him I could at least give him something nice to look at).
Here comes the anticlimactic part. He appeared and… Nothing happened. Right after I told him, he suggested me the University of La Coruña, claiming he knows the principle there and gave me a couple of good advices.
Basically, this entry is dedicated to all of those who always expect the worst (and to those who actually think the world revolves around them).
On my way out I decided to climb the tallest building on campus and take a picture from there, thinking it may be while until I step foot into that place again.
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Here it is, folks, this is how my former college looks under this lovely 38°C (100°F) summer weather. Please excuse me while I burn in hell…


  1. I will read soon! :) Everything and I will follow you wherever u are here there or overthere lol worldpress or anything

  2. Chris:

    yay for the new home!, May it bring you a happy and child-free domain in which to enrich our lives.

  3. I'll definitely keep the message of this entry in mind the next time I'm late with my deadlines and will have to explain it to my editor.
    How many hard steps to deal with are left, before you move?

    On an unrelated note, 38°C? How is all that plantlife managing to survive? Or any kind of life, now that I think of it?

  4. Hey, it could be worse. I will always remember standing in from of my graduate advisor, project leader and department chair to present my master’s thesis. By far the most traumatic presentation I had ever given; standing up in front people who would decide whether I had fulfilled the requirements on my project to graduate. Presenting and then defending my master’s thesis. I mean these are brilliant men, I was talking too, I knew they could pick out all the flaws in my rational and my work. Yet by the time I was done they were all satisfied and I graduate, but that will haunt me forever.

    PS. I wish my wife had the wit and sexual libido you have. You are going to make some man a very happy husband in the future.

  5. Crushes on teachers are cute! Too bad all my female teachers were ugly or/and uninteresting (not to say worse...).
    La Coruña is pretty cool btw! =)

  6. "(but now that I think about it, I should’ve unbuttoned one more… I mean, if I was about to “break up” with him I could at least give him something nice to look at)."

    >_<' Crazy one...


  7. That was my favorite part, i love the way she thinks.

  8. Replying to comments… Something else I’ll resent Blogspot for being completely useless… and WordPress for leaving me when we were doing great. UGH! I hope you guys don’t subscribe to the comments here, even though I will still answer every comment, you will get really annoying notifications every time someone else does (unless that’s what you want, if it is, go aheah : D )
    @Chris: Thanks. I hope myself a lifetime of happiness, but Blogspot isn’t helping at all… And thanks for the last comment <3
    @federico: People here have this little religion revolving air-conditioner… It’s our god, our savior…
    I’m guessing there are a lot of big hard steps to take before I leave… But I can’t think of any right now… Maybe learning how to cook and to use a washing machine. Wish me luck!
    @Jules: Don’t talk to me about thesis… Or graduating in general. Gives me the creeps… And hey, taking into consideration a friend has been really persistent lately; maybe I’m going to make a woman a happy wife.
    @pmcalheiros: I think crushes on teachers are cute when it’s a little 8 year old in love with his young and nice teacher… When you’re in college, crushes are sexy or awkward…
    I’ll be listening to “Don’t Stand so Close to Me – The Police” while I decide in which category I fall into.
    @Juanjo: Hey! I’m being considerate. There are nice ways to break bad news, don’t we agree?

  9. You know, you don't have to choose men OR women. You can have both. I'm just sayin'

  10. Awesome! You rule

  11. @Chris. Oh, Christopher, I can’t have both, that’s just bad manners!
    @Anonymous. Thanks! I’m sure you’re pretty cool yourself!
    @photo ex machine. Nice to see you around here! And I’ll do my best to keep that information inside my pretty little head.

  12. Hola (o como se dice en ruso Zdrá Stvoy Tye)

    Vaya, eso si fué algo extremo, te irá bien, nada mas no te rindas y no te pongas triste, solo busca un plan de acción y síguelo.

    Tienes mucho talento, de eso no cabe duda, y mucha imaginación ¿has pensado alguna vez en diseño gráfico?

    Siguiendo con las preguntas...
    1.-¿Para tí cual sería tu día ideal?
    2.-¿Podrías decirnos uno de los mejores momentos de tu vida?
    3.-¿Cual es tu pesadilla más recurrente?
    4.-¿Cuales son tus 3 posesiones favoritas?
    5.-¿Cual sería tu meta para lo que resta del año?
    6.-¿Que superpoder te gustaría tener?

    Bueno, por ahorita me despido, cuídate mucho, aguas que es temporada de temblores (acá acaba de temblar).

    Espero saber de ti.

    Disclaimer: las preguntas son tomadas de otra fuente. I do not claim any ownership on the configuration of these questions.

  13. … Tengo que preguntar, ahí disculpa ¿En serio voy a responder esas preguntas o es una broma que no entiendo? =$
    Las he leído varias veces y me apenas decir que no tengo respuesta para ninguna! No se como seria mi día ideal, he tenido muchos buenos momentos en mi vida pero ninguno resalta como el mejor, no tengo sueños recurrentes…
    Lo más cercano a eso es que a veces cuando estoy manejando en mis sueños pierdo el control del volante.
    ¿Sigo? 4 y 5… No tengo idea. Superpoder! Eso si se… Me gustaría poder controlar el tiempo.
    Así de confundida ando por el mundo.

  14. Perder el control... debe ser desagradable.

    Mi sueño recurrente es quedarme atascado en un ascensor que sube y baja sin darme tiempo a salir de él, mientras los dígitos de la pantalla se vuelven locos.

    Lo más curioso es que mi hermana tiene el mismo sueño recurrente que yo. :D


  15. Tal vez los dos han bloqueado un suceso muy traumático de su niñez y su subconsciente lo resiente.
    Eso o, las fobias se transmiten genéticamente. Quien sabe.

  16. You will have to use more words than that, hun.

  17. Muy bueno! Me has dado bastante en que pensar para cuando tenga que hacer lo mismo yo (estoy por cambiarme de universidad este año, gracias a Dios a la que voy actualmente van más de 2000 alumnos y el director no debe ni conocerme). Me encantó la conclusión. Cuántas veces sentimos que vamos caminando y todos nos ven, ni que hablar de una experiencia como la que pasaste no?.

  18. Sera normal para todos.
    Creer que somos el ombligo del mundo.