Thursday, June 17, 2010

I've Had a Rough Night

I can't escape these friends
I've made since you left town.
They throw redundant parties
where I'm too often found.
And while I sit and watch girls and boys
trade views of new tattoos
I wonder if it's too late to call your mom
and catch up on some news.
She says you'll be home soon for me
And it'll be just like you were never gone.
I've got these "friends" in quotes
and girls boys* with asterisks.
I watch the time whither
and fall from my wrist.
Out on the porch Van Morrison
is bleeding through the walls.
I don't think your roommate
has been writing down my calls.
You said the distance
would make a difference,
But it didn't.
You and me,
we're both in love with you.

Dog-Eared Page

... Whatfuckingever, right?


  1. tHEse Look Like subliminal messages lOl.

  2. @ alexel. Just a song I relate right now. And I decided to highlight what I like the most. That lOl looks like the head and arms or a very excited tiny person.

    @Anonymous. I’m… speechless.

  3. @LolaDahl c'mon, you didn't see that I wrote H E L L O in caps? Though I am imaginative, I never thought that could represent an excited person....

  4. I noticed the HE… the rest of the letters I completely ignored for being capitalized. I’m not that bright, you know?

  5. Thanks Shade, can’t take the credit because I didn’t write it… But thanks either way :*

  6. Thanks! I didn't write it, but I will accept it ;D

  7. fuck copyright, let's call it a day and give you all the credit shall we?
    BTW, writing HELLO like alexel did requires a supercomputer and Stephen Hawkings to understand it. Never ever in my life i could have seen that.

  8. I'll take the credit, then.
    That's how amazing I am.