Saturday, January 9, 2010

When I Really Worry About Something, I Don't Just Fool Around

My bff (I figured I will mention her often, so I shortened “best friend” to bff, sue me), well, yeah, she and I pulled a Rory Gilmore today and made a pro/con list of possible universities in Spain. Our list started with the University of Coruña, University of Valladolid and University of Alcalá, here’s the summary of how our list went:

University of Coruña:

Pro – The beach! It’s near the beach! Yay! Points, points, points!

Con – There’s the rumor that the teachers are kinda rude. Points off… Wait! What language do people speak in Coruña? Galician? Really…? Ok, Coruña is out.

Now, Valladolid vs. Alcalá.

“Alcalá is in Madrid, we could go to concerts… Or fashion week!”

“But Valladolid is not that big, not that complicated… And it’s near Madrid, so we get the best of both worlds”

“It’s more impressive to say that we studied in Madrid”

“At the end we studied in Spain, it’s not that different. Besides, Madrid is more expensive”

“The prices don’t change that much, really”

“It would be pretty hard to move around Madrid, you know? Being that big”

“But because of being so big, we would always have something near”

“Uhm… Honestly, I would be happy with either of them”

“We should just… Wait to see which one admit us, and then decide”

“I’m tired… Let’s go for coffee or something”


Yes, we got to the conclusion of: getting to a conclusion later… And because we are mature enough to know that we are not mature enough to have our own apartment, we started considering the options of residencies (in both places, of course). Decisions are just as hard, especially since all residencies offer the same basic stuff.

So, this day we learned that in Coruña people speak Galician… That’s progress, right?

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