Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blue Pajamas with Red Elephants

This entry is, basically, the sequel to: Had the Whole Evening Free. It’s common knowledge that second parts are never better than the originals; so, being a true college kid: I’m not even going to try.

Without further ado, here they are folks, the new set of t-shirts I made.

I’m giving credit, of course. I didn’t come up with half of this; they did.

(And yes, apparently I’m pinching my own butt).

(… Now, I’m just rubbing it).

I got the quote from Harry and The Potters second album.

(I’m running out of places where to place my hand).

Cover art from The Matches’ A Band in Hope album.

It’s a bit hard to read, but it says: The troops are having a blast here.

Idea stolen (I, however, prefer ‘borrowed without a plan to give it back’) from here.

You see why I can’t sell these things? It’s not because I love them way too much to give them away; hell, I would even sell my kids for a reasonable price. Nope, I just like my life without lawsuits falling all over my head.

If you excuse me, momma is planning to send her new portfolio to Mexico’s Next Top Model…


  1. When you run our of places to put your hand, just give the finger, but in a polite and pretty way. I know you can pull it out.

    The last one is very nice by the way, I saw it on the same page.

  2. i see you managed to hide all your bras this time. Dunno if it's reason to celebrate or be sad about XD. Anyways, cool t-shirts!

  3. The third one has a very cool logo, though maybe raising it a bit would make it more readable (you know, boobs... For a male t-shirt that wouldn't be a problem though). Can't comment on its color because I'm color blind and I'm not even sure if it's red, green or whatever else.

    Love the pun on the first one, and the composition of the second.

    Aaand, my favourite is the last one, mostly due to the lines, they look very good on a t-shirt. Personally I would raise the whole picture a bit on this one too, but this time it's because horizontal lines "flatten" the figure, and (again, in a female case, but since you don't plan to sell them around anyway it's the only case that matters, isn't it?) since the chest widens the lines, having them a little on the upper would "elongate" the body figure a bit.

    Great body, by the way.
    And sorry for the long long pointlessly long comment.
    And great body. Didn't I tell you already?

  4. @ ferderico, I think the long v-neck works especially for girls. Ignoring the natural draw to the old breasted area I think it can accentuate a feminine neck line. I'm wearing a guys one now and tbh I look so stupid. Unless I had pecks to die for it would be fine but for me it puts an emphases my 'feminine' neck line and I'm supposed to be a guy :(

  5. Nice ones!
    (referring to the shirts, of course *cough*)

    I like the first one most. Black printing on white background somehow looks neat! Good job.

    Quite hard, though, to concentrate on the printing with you being goddamn attractive as hell.

  6. These came out awesome as always! Well done! I personally love the NY one and the last one (even if the ideas were "borrowed"!). <3

  7. Molan, la primera es bastante cachonda.

    De cualquier modo, y ante el hecho de que adoro las camisetas negras... ¿no te has hecho ninguna de ese color? Oh, vamos, con lo bien que queda la impresión sobre ella.

    ¡Y además estiliza! Quiero decir, no lo necesitas. Pero lo hace. Vamos que... *juanzo piensa en borrar la frase* Es un hecho que estiliza. Y es bonito. *juanzo resopla* En fín, esto no lo arregla ni Dios. Lo bien que iba desde el post anterior y ya la he fastidiado... :P

    PD: Hoy ví Toy Story 3. Es tan, tan, tan... :)


  8. Just as good as the original. You almost want me to make my own T-shirts. Almost, but I don't have nearly the talent or creativity you have.

  9. Love all the shirts! Great job again :] Especially the NY one, haha.

  10. Does your perfect drum playing, pony bringing man have to enjoy headless photography as well? I feel like that might limit your options.

  11. Hey, you removed the bra! :(

  12. I swear I will answer every comment next time I have internet access :* Thank you for stopping by.

  13. @YoMerengues. I’ll try it the next time; maybe with a rose on the other hand and nice puppy eyes… There must be a way. Oh, and I must say I love your username.

    @Pedro Calheiros. I swear I thought about it… It was something like “there are no bras laying around here, right? If I do it again people will think I do it for attention!”

    @federico. I know, but it’s always a challenge to guess how is it going to look once the tshirt is done and on. I did actually notice the things you said, but it was kinda late to change it. And… thank you $: haha

    @Stephen. V-necks look great on guys <3 Well, a small vneck.

    @horstkevin. You’re not even seeing my face to call me attractive! Haha ok, I get what you’re doing.

    @dannifoley. Thank you (: I loved the NY idea but I didn’t like how it looked when I finished it.

    @Juanjo. Cachonda… En mexicano, me acabas de decir que la primera esta caliente; ya sabes en que sentido de “caliente” hablo.

    @Jules. I never thought I had the talent either, really… But once I started, I was a fast learner.

    @Bree. Thank you, Bree! :* It’s my least favorite haha I don’t like how it looks on me.

    @Jason. Well… Maybe not love it, but he could at least appreciate it when it’s me the one on the picture.

    @Calving. Thank you, I’m going, I’m going.

    @alexel. I know… I don’t want to give the wrong impression, you know?

  14. I thought the 3rd one said "Pancakes" at first glance. That would have been sweet.

  15. Ha!
    That would have been awesome.