Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Red Hunting Hat

Yesterday at night, I got home after a mildly interesting grocery shopping experience to find my neighbor, who’s about my age, outside of his home with a bunch of friends. Now, I must tell you I don’t know a lot about him; actually, I wasn’t really sure who, of that group of guys, was him. All I really know about him is that he plays the drums, since we were both teenagers, out on his garage (how very cliché of him, I know), and with time he has gotten slightly better at it; that and his dad is blind. Getting back to my point; I watched for a couple of minutes this group of young strangers, in the dark, while they were drinking beer and listening to Green Day; it wasn’t until I was safe at home when I realized how embarrassing would have been if they had noticed. However, while I was staring at them (like the creep I am) with “When I Come Around” playing as the soundtrack, I started thinking how my neighbor and I could’ve hit it off. It’s not a secret that I have the hots for drummers, after all; almost as much as I cream for guys who appreciate Green Day’s good old days. Maybe, if we had met somehow, he could be now my best friend, some annoying dude I know, a great fuck, a creep in the past, or the greatest love of my life. But he isn’t. I don’t even know his name, and I surely won’t miss him when I’m gone.

Nonetheless, this entry is not about him. It just got me thinking about all the things I am going to miss that I already accepted I can’t take with me (and by “accepted” I mean, threw a big fit that got me nowhere). But this entry isn’t about that either (I’m so sorry); actually it’s about what I’m taking with me. Some people may call them my “most valued possessions”, I prefer to avoid that term, since it would be embarrassing to call this shit valuable; these are just my “must-have’s”:

I need to get the tittles for my blog from somewhere, don’t I? And I admit this emo rich bastard is goddam entertaining and all.

What could I say about this? Of course I have to take my favorite band’s CDs.

Mock me all you like, I love Jack Dawson and I firmly believe next time I watch this move he won’t die.

Mexican comedy about two kidnaps; say what you want about Mexico, but if there’s something we can do is laugh about our situation. I’ll watch this movie everyday so I don’t forget my awesome accent.

This is even more embarrassing than Titanic. The 90’s were cool, ok man!?

I just have the first four seasons, the only ones my adorable and sexy Shannon Doherty appears (did that lesbian joke got your respect for me back? No? Ok).

I can’t even pretend to be cool now, right? … Moving on…

Well, here it is. That intro had a point after all.

This was my first CD ever; ok, not exactly, it was my brother’s, I just took it when he moved out, whatever, no one has to know that; unless I post it on the internet, but why would I do that?


  1. <3 I always play the "what if" game especially with guys I could have known. What if I had spent more time flirting with A rather than B? What if I had said yes to one guy or no to another? Etc...
    And I no longer watch Cruel Intentions to the end, that way Sebastian never dies! See you on failblog or RTBD! <3

  2. "while I was staring at them (like the creep I am)" <-- haha, that made me laugh!

    Interesting little intro... it's strange to think about how things plan out, and why they happened the way they did/didn't.

    I really enjoy The Catcher in the Rye. Holden's attitude is real, and it's just great to listen to him talk. "Listen", lol. Well, not really listen, but I feel like I can hear his voice. Idk, I'm weird! but I like all the things you are planning on bringing :]

  3. Haha, one of my first CDs was Dookie too (sold it a long time ago, although it's probably Green Day's only real good album). I remember my first ever concert was Foo Fighters, Ween, and Jawbreaker which might be equally as lame!

    (Beverly Hills 90210? That IS pretty embarrassing) :D

  4. "It’s not a secret that I have the hots for drummers, after all; almost as much as I cream for guys who appreciate Green Day’s good old days."


    Tanto por lo primero como por lo segundo de repente tú y yo hemos pasado a llevarnos mejor :D


  5. I gave you an award!

  6. you know I was thinking about posting my travel must-haves haha I'm telling you girl, you and I here *fingers in forehead*

    of course mine include , my guitar, nicholas sparks or filipa gregory, wizard of oz, iPod (everything from acdc to nsync), leather jacket, vogue magazine, laptop, something to eat, and wait I'm forgetting something..
    getting to the freaKinG airport on FreAkinG time!!!!

    really it's amazing how all of this can fit into a small bag.. well in my case a guitar case.

  7. Imagine if that dude could play the drums on a pony he was bringing you? Hasta Luego Vickie's Secret article of clothing.

  8. @Dannifoley. You know, I have this theory for Cruel Intentions that Sebastian doesn’t really die. That’s why at the end, Resse is riding his car… They’re meeting somewhere else. Sometimes I like lying to myself, makes everything easier.
    @Bree. I get you completely; I also give him and a lot of other characters a voice… When I’m reading a book I just play it as if it was a movie.
    @Calvin. No, no ): They have a lot of great albums. I <3 Green Day. Why is Foo Fighters lame? I’m not a big fan either, but I don’t see them as embarrassing material.
    I have nothing to say about 90210, though… I just have to live with the fact that I like it.
    @Juanjo. ¿En serio? Finjamos que me acabo de quitar mi ropa interior… O algo parecido que no ponga en duda mi reputación.
    @Fernanda. I want to thank my parents, who always supported me… Is it me or fingers in forehead sounds kinda creepy? But I totally know what you mean, you know that.
    You’re forgetting your passport, just like Coco.
    @Jason. Haha, you made me laugh, specially the “vickie’s secret” part. What you just describe is on my perfect man list.

  9. Short and simple, your best one yet! Lovely.

  10. Short? well, I'm not going to argue... Thanks! :D

  11. Oh I meant that I wouldn't waste your time praising the things I liked about this one, rather, I would just simply say your best one yet :]

  12. Oh... Now I get it. My answer is the same, though, haha thanks!

  13. Dookie > cualquier otro CD de la historia de la humanidad.
    Y fue mi tercer CD, luego de Core (de Stone Temple Pilots) y Heathen Chemistry (de Oasis). Lo compré hace aproximadamente 4 años, y ya casi no sirve de la cantidad de veces que lo escuché.

  14. Yo no sé que tan viejo sera este disco, considerando que era de mi hermano.. Mas de 10 años tiene, fácil.