Monday, July 12, 2010

Terrific Book of Short Stories

Some people seem like Barbie to me; knowing, since the day they were made what profession they’ll choose (I apologize for the crappy Barbie analogy, for a second I confused corny with inspired). Being an architecture student I’ve seen this, a lot; most of my classmates loved playing with Legos and did awesome drawings from a very young age.
My childhood was nothing like that. I was a hardcore Barbie fan (hence my need to mention her in every chance I get) and, to this day, people can’t tell the difference between a cat and a microwave from looking at my sketches.
I think I have considered every single career option that is out there; from being an astronaut to a unicorn, seriously.
When I was a 5 I loved my dog so I thought I could be a veterinarian; at the age of 9, I liked Melissa Joan-Hart and I wanted to be an actress (or a lesbian); at 12 I loved ‘nsync (who said that?), and therefore, the music career; and after watching a couple seasons of CSI, when I was 15, I thought being a criminologist would be fucking awesome.
Architecture never came to mind; however, being a writer did… All the time.
I’ve always had the need to write about something; from fan-fictions about how I met all 5 members of ‘nsync and they fell in love with me (seriously, who’s saying this shit?), to well-thought essays about teenage stereotypes and feminism from a Disney perspective… And now apparently I have a blog.
So, how did I end up choosing architecture? Huh… The first thing you need to know is that another subtle love I’ve been developing since the sweet age of 16 is graphic design, and I was sure as hell I’d choose that, even when people told me I’d end up living in a box. But one day I was talking to this guy, I told him all about it, and I still remember exactly what he told me: “Lucky thing you’re a girl, you can always depend on your husband’s money”. This is the moment when I burn my bra and yell at the top of my lungs “I WILL NEVER DEPEND ON ANY MAN’S MONEY!”, but that would be kind of hypocritical since my dad is my major economic support, that and I like my bra… You don’t burn a Victoria’s Secret bra.
I ended up choosing marketing. I heard somewhere I could then master in graphic design. Sounded like a great plan; its only flaw was that by the third day I was already bored out of my mind. I didn’t give a tiny damn about economy, or business for that matter. Then, I thought “Architecture is a kind of design… And I like having a roof over my head, sounds like an architect to me”. The next day I changed my classes and…That’s it. I wish there was more to that story, but there isn’t.
These days I find myself scolding the 17-year-old me for not being bright enough to consider journalism, career that would have put both my graphic design love and my writing abilities (cut me a break, I swear I don’t sound so retarded in spanish) into good use. The 17-year-old me is scolding me back, though, for thinking that at the age of 20 it’s too late to turn back; I don’t mean I won’t try to pursue the whole journalism path later on, I just mean I won’t quit architecture.
It’s frustrating as fuck to be stuck in a class where everyone around me seems to know exactly what kind of future they want; it’s hard to do a good job in projects when I don’t have the love and/or inspiration everyone else has. But, two years along the way it’s a little bit late to find that out.

Now, could you be a darling and forget I told you I was an ‘nsync fan?


  1. Funny =). I'm a graphic designer. I love architecture too ...right now i'm working with some architecture friends in a presentation for a project...

    Anyways, i was a bit torn in my school days between design and architecture (i always knew ,though, that i wanted something in arts)... from the several reason why i ended choosing Design i recall this: I didn't want to go with the "herd" ...70% of my class wanted architecture of course i didn't want it... hahaha.

    Anyways reality design is a lot more suited for me and i really love it, but i always keep my illusion of later taking a degree in architecture too. I have a secret wish that is to say i'm a designer first and an architect second (here architecture is a big thing and designers are not quite there yet ..also's easier to earn big bucks in architecture!)

    Another dream of mine is to somehow get stupidly rich so i can have the hobby of buying the numerous great old houses that are abandoned in my country and restore them to their glory days. I'm weird like that!

    For all this i really love to read your text! So go ahead and be a architecture and journalist or a journalist and architecture! The way you prefer of course =)

  2. I know it seems like everyone has it all figured it out, but I think very little % of people do. Some people pretend like they know what they want, but they don't lead a happy life. I know I'm completely confused when it comes to future plans. I guess just take it one day at a time :]

  3. It's not that important _what_ you study, it's important _that_ you study! Even if it's no fun at all...
    the real purpose of jobs is to fund your hobbies :)

  4. Jeez, sorry for all the mistakes... i really wish there would be a button for "editing" :S (*architect journalist ..etc..etc)

    In the forums i go to i always end up editing my post 2 or 3 times for every mistake i find later :S

  5. @Pedro Calheiros. Ugh. Presentations, that’s what I love the most when I’m working on a project. Sometimes that’s all I focus on. And it’s the same thing with architects an designers here; architecture it’s a pretty respectable profession, designers… Well, there’s a reason why I didn’t study it even if I love it.
    And don’t worry about the mistakes, I’m nobody to judge someone’s grammar or spelling.

    @Bree. My problem is that I envy the fact that they seem to have so much fun with what they are studying. But you’re right, I’m pretty sure that at 20 little people know what they want to do with the rest of their life.

    @horstkevin. It’s not important that I’m not having fun with it? Well, maybe that’s my problem then. I always saw myself enjoying whatever major I chose.

  6. Wow let see. When I was in grade school I want to be an engineer, didn’t know what kind, I just wanted to invent things. By the end of high school I decided on biomedical engineering and went to the university accordingly. While in college I had to pick a focus so I chose Biomechanical engineer (prosthetics, joint implants etc.) After I graduated I could not find a job for at least a year. So I went back and got my masters degree in mechanics/ robotic. 2 years later looking for a job, in biomechanics or robotic I end up working for a company called Westinghouse in a division servicing fossil and nuclear power plants. How much of my schooling do I use… maybe 5% mostly dealing with materials and fracture mechanics. They hired me because we use ultrasound to look for cracks in power plant equipment and with my biomechanics and robotic degree they knew they would not have problem incorporating me. I don’t invent things like I wanted too, and I use only a small portion of the work I learned in college. On the plus side my job pays well and I have carved a nice nitch out for myself, which makes me practically irreplaceable. So I have to say I have done well for myself, I have a wife, 2 dogs, a house with a white picket fence and I am happy!

    So I guess the lesson is you never know where you are going to end up, enjoy the ride and remember a job is just a job, sure you should like it but it does not define who you are.

    PS. I still have my Legos.

  7. No, a los 20 no.

    Y en mi caso a los 25 tampoco.

    Cuando estaba en el bachillerato quería ser ingeniero aeronautico (LOLes como soles). Antes quise ser bombero (bueno, eso lo sigo queriendo ser :D). Al final empecé lo que por tu tierra se conoce -creo- como ingeniería civil.
    No la acabé, vaya a saber usted por qué.
    Estudié un GS de desarrollo de proyectos para poder currar en algo mientras me aclaraba. Ahora soy delineante, o dibujante, como prefieras llamarme.
    Tras un año sin encontrar curro (¿quien dijo crisis en la construcción?), con los 26 rondando cerca, en octubre empiezo ingeniería del software. Pero la decisión no fué sencilla: me atrae el diseño gráfico ("um, molaría trabajar en Pixar" -más risas enlatadas, thx-) e incluso me planteé estudiar enfermería para trabajar en una ambulancia (esto no sabría explicar por qué pero es así).

    Y aquí estoy.

    Creo que si lo pienso demasiado igual acabo dándome cabezazos contra una pared.

    Cierto día un compañero de trabajo me dijo una verdad universal: Estudia lo que te gusta porque acabarás trabajando de lo que te ofrezcan.

    Ah. Se me olvidaba. La verdadera vocación mía era la música... :)


  8. @Jules. But… You enjoyed college, didn’t you? That’s what’s bothering me… However, you hit the nail when you said a job shouldn’t define me. I guess I should stop asking myself if I see myself as an architect. Ok, I can’t explain how your words affected me, but they day. You’re really pretty freaking smart, you know that? Thanks.

    @Juanjo. ¿Delineante? Justo hace un par de días supe que significa eso, que curioso cuando eso pasa.
    Dile a tu amigo que se coma sus palabras, por favor… Que yo quiero llevar la filosofía contraria. No me esta gustando estudiar arquitectura pero me llama la atención a lo que me puedo dedicar ya con el titulo.
    Por cierto, a mi también se me ocurrió por unos segundos estudiar enfermería; supongo que se oye emocionante.

  9. Be a journalist for Architectural Digest! Problem solved, three pesos please.

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  11. First off, you might be surprised to know how much these people who seem to know exactly what kind of future they want, actually do not...and how they are likely jealous of you because they feel that you do more than they. The human mind is very eager to create these kinds of impressions; ones which are based more on insecurity than reality. It is natural to question your path in life while in college...if you didn't, that would be unnatural.

    Second, I must say you are very lavish in your usage of the semicolon. Normally I would be critical of such flamboyance; since most folks (including myself) shy away from the mysterious semicolon and its very narrow proper usage, and instead stick with chucking ellipses into questionable areas as a sort of punctuational catch-all. However, by all appearances, you seem to pull it off quite gracefully. Keep up the good work, my little friend. For English being your second language, you are remarkably fun to read. (:


  12. @ Jason. That’s actually what I’m aiming for. Great minds think alike, huh? ;D

    @Kristoffer. You could be right there; architects are known for their big egos… I’d big surprised if that was reflected in the way they portray their love about what they’re doing. If that even makes any sense.
    Weird compliment there, but thanks! The logic I follow is: just a comma would make this sentence too messy, but it doesn’t deserve a whole new sentence either… Time for the semicolon!

  13. One reminder, make sure you don't actually end up working for the suprisingly popular, Architecture of the Digestive System Bi-Quarterly.

  14. Hey, if the pay is good, I can't promise a thing.