Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Thing with Kids is...

As I said on my last entry, I fucking loved Toy Story 3. So much... I just watched it again. Yep, I allow myself to watch the same movie twice at the theatres. Who said recession?

Now, this is not a review… Especially since the only review I can come up with is… IT WAS LEGEN –wait for it- DARY! (“How I Met Your Mother” fans, I salute you)… So I’m not even going to pretend I’m a critic.

I’m also dropping the Hot Andy comments and the sex toy jokes (I just came up with 3…No, wait… 4! I just came up with 4 dirty jokes!)… It would just be way too weird to write about the sexual fantasies I have with an underage cartoon.

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(Add another dirty joke to the list)

The real purpose of this entry was to admit… I cried, just not as hard as I would have liked. On the inside I was sobbing as if there was no tomorrow; but I went to the movies with a friend who knows way too many ways to make fun of the fact that I’m an emotional trainwreck. So I just shed a silent tear behind my 3D glasses (what an interesting sentence I just made).

For a second let’s all just imagine this is not about talking toys; think they are soldiers, cancer patients, sick puppies… Whatever the hell you find worthy of your tears. It was overall a beautiful concept for a movie, the fear most human beings have of moving on, or letting go.

I’m thankful for the perfect timing of the movie, just now I'm able to understand it. Like the characters from this movie, most of us try to hold on to the things we know; we fight so hard to keep everything just like it is until the point when we are forced to realize it’s just not our time or place anymore.

At the end of the movie (I’m not spoiling anything) when Andy is heading out to college, his mom tearfully says “I wish I could always be with you”; since I’m leaving Mexico in a month, saying goodbye to my family and friends…I know exactly what she means.


  1. Well if you shed a tear at this one, you must have cried as hell at Up.
    I personally hate when "classic" series end. And by this I am referring to movies I saw way back when I was a kid. And I think this is somewhat related with the letting go part. I just can't, or don't want to admit that time fking flies. And that we get old. And that we die.

  2. I salute you for your "how i met your mother" reference. Since i didn't see the movie i can't comment much more. Crying is fine ...i shed some tears on Lost final episode!...

  3. Iba a escribir lo mismo que puso Alexel, así que me lo ahorro.

    Aquí aun no han estrenado Toy Story 3, pero considerando que la primera es mi peli de animación favorita (junto con Up, que maravilla) no dejaré de ir a verla el día del estreno.

    Y lloraré, oh, sí. No tengo la más mínima duda de ello... :D


  4. First, major props for the How I Met Your Mother reference - great show!

    As for Toy Story 3, I saw it last night and I definitely cried too! My little brother made fun of me for it, but I totally understand! I just graduated college myself, so I'm leaving that whole world behind.

  5. @Chris. Thank, man, straight from the heart… Yo!

    @alexel. Oh yeah… The growing up and getting old. Ultimate fear for me. “Let us die young or let us live for ever…”.

    @Pedro Calheiros. Us “how I met your mother fans” have to stick together! And please, watch the movie, it’s awesome.

    @Juanjo. No se ha estrenado Toy Story??? Pff, creo que cambiare de destino… Siempre me ha dado curiosidad como se escogeran los paises que obtienen primero los estrenos que otros, una de mis dudas tontas.

    @ dannifoley. It is, isn’t? Marshall reminds me a lot of my ex, his personality… I don’t know if that makes the show even more awesome or just kills me. Too much info? I’m sorry.
    We shouldn’t feel embarrassed for crying at Toy Story… The one who don’t cleary don’t understand it! … True story ;D

  6. Los estrenos dependen de las pelis que estén actualmente en cartelera. Si están haciendo mucho dinero las conservan algún tiempo más y retrasan al resto, a menos que la nueva sea un estreno sonado.

    Básicamente ese es el motivo de los retrasos. Eso y los doblajes, claro.

    Pero por regla general van parejas las cosas.


  7. I loved Toy Story 3! And I'm not one to love those kinds of movies, but it was wonderful. Everything just flowed perfectly, and I agree about the message behind the movie. Hot Andy - haha. But yes, back to the message. Letting go can be such a difficult part of life. I can relate in many ways to this too.

  8. @Juanjo. Pero muchas veces tienen el estreno programado para distintas fechas, por ejemplo, en un pais sale el dia del estreno mundia y en otro pais se tarda un par de semanas… Con una fecha que ya estaba fija desde hace meses… Pero bueno, eso de los doblajes aclararia la duda. Muy inteligente de tu parte, Juanjo!

    @Bree. I know, the last kid movie I watched was Monsters Inc, which I loved, but somehow I have not that much interest in other movies of its kind… Until Toy Story3. Andy is a catch! He’s cute, nice to his sister, mom, and to a random girl, imaginative… Come on!

  9. You need to check out "How to train your dragon" if it's still in cinemas. Adorable and epic at the same time, even made my eyes water (yay for 3D glasses!).

    Suit up!

  10. I think it isn’t anymore… I don’t know really. But I when I have the chance I will watch it.

  11. I know exactly what you mean... But in your case its lagging a bit. I just graduated from college and now actually, it's time to start my new life fully. Who knows what's coming up... I've had to let go of video games, recreational medicine, and most of all, friends for my life during college. But as they say, college is where you meet your lifelong friends. You may have your best friend that you'll keep, but for the most part, you let everything else go.

    If there is any advice to be said, looks forward, always forward, but never forget where you came from! And to emphasize that, NEVER forgot where came from. Be good now :)

  12. Hot Andy is the one who's full of win.
    So is the middle age man who created him.