Friday, August 13, 2010

Always Showing Columbus Discovering America

My plan was to upload pictures of my trip (I guess it’s not actually a trip) but, you know, plans change.

I should warn you in advance, this video will just be a waste of your time (but that’s pretty much a warning for my entire blog).


Few notes for your amusement:

0:11-0:17. No one told me I forgot a spot on my nose… I don’t really know how long I had that semen-looking fluid on there.

0:35. That’s my  big brother <3

0:42. Just a random kid… He didn’t need a note, didn’t he?

0:44. My blowjob face is glad to meet you.

0:57-1:00. Translation: “That you’re a whore and I can see your bra”. I heard a 12 year old telling that to some friend of hers… I thought it was hilarious.

… Song by Parry Gripp.


  1. Dos comentarios breves, que me marcho de farra (N.del T. irse de farra = irse de fiesta) pero no he podido resistir el pegarle un vistazo al blog antes de salir... :P

    a) La sidra se bebe en "culines". Poco a poco. Y por si se te ha pasado por la cabeza... no, no es buena idea emborracharse a base de sidra. Es una de las peores resacas que yo haya padecido nunca. x)

    b) No se qué te iba a decir en el punto B. Por Horus, que mal estoy de memoria.

    Tendría que ver con que estás como una regadera y lo disimulas mal. O algo así =D


  2. Very nice. Looks like a fun trip. :)

    Gracias por compartir. :)

  3. Love the video and I like the song you picked. You are pretty :] It seems like you are enjoying yourself over there!

  4. like..can I be in love with ya? :D

  5. Welcome in the club, alexel <3

  6. How are you enjoying Spain? See anything truely interesting?

    Hope you are having fun, and if not, you should be. :)

  7. Nice boobs! (in a completely non-lecherous sort of way.)

  8. This video makes me feel happy! But seriously, it looks like a very fun trip :) Plus+ Glad to see you mention semen and blowjob in the same area :P kiddding - Oh and who's filming???

  9. That cake hardly resembles a plane!

  10. not a waste of time at all; I like all the dorky moments. you seem like a fun person! + I like the way you eat a cheezburger! :P

  11. @Juanjo. Me subestimas, eh? Si tengo cierto conocimiento de la cultura española, vengo al menos una vez al año… Y, aunque nunca me he emborrachado con sidra ya he escuchado eso. Bueno, no me tengo que tirar de un noveno piso para saber que va a doler.
    @Okie. Oh, thank you for watching :*
    @Bree. I love the song, take a visit to Parry Gripp’s Youtube Channel; they have hilarious songs. And thank you, from your pictures I can tell you’re very pretty too. <3
    @alexel. Well… I wouldn’t say no to that :*
    @Anon. My self-esteem says thank you (:
    @Jules. I’ve seen a lot of things already… We should go out for a coffee and tell you all about it haha Or a will probably blog about it soon enough.
    @Kristoffer. Where did you see my boobs? Oh well, thank you haha
    @SheetOutohLuck. I will always find the way to mention semen and blowjob in any area. My exboyfriend who visited me from Germany, he just left a couple of days ago back to mexico… It’s complicated haha
    @Anon. I… I… I don’t understand ): I swear I tried.
    @Calvin. Thank you, you would probably think otherwise if you heard what I was talking about. Simply idiotic… And I was, supposedly, imitating paris Hilton on a burger king/mcdonalds (can’t really remember) commercial.

  12. Sexiest thing I saw all day.

  13. 0:43/44 is brilliant. gonna use it as a wallpaper :))

    ps: you were wearing your own custom-built-home-made t-shirt, yeah.

  14. @Chris. I don’t feel like being humble today so… I know, right? (I’m kidding, of course… Thank you :*)

    @alexel. That would be embarrassing haha You know I was imitating the ‘statues’ behind, right? I wasn’t showing what my master tool (ok, now that was embarrassing).

  15. Of course I know, it was a perfect integration in the scenery hihi

  16. Hi, just read your blog in 3 days, it's cool.
    I like the song (much better than that latin rock song in one of your older posts).

    Anyway, I got a question. Don't answer if you don't feel like it, but I'm wondering how you and ytour brother end up in Spain with a spanish nationality allthough you're actually from Mexico.
    Were you born in Spain or something like that?

    Gratz on your blog though, you just got yourself a new reader (because I can relate so well:))

    Sorry for making a single comment this big, I'm seriously not trying to steal your blog.

  17. @alexel. I have such a talent to blend in with the environment.
    @Stino. Read the whole thing? Ugh, I hope it wasn’t way too stupid haha
    Both me and my brother were born in Mexico, but our mom is Spanish; I don’t know how it works in other countries, but here it gives you the right to ask for Spanish nationality.
    Thank you for reading, and I loved the part where I got a new reader :* Tell me, why do you relate?

  18. Hmm, why do I relate?
    "I’m a spoiled brat. I hardly do something for myself and I have terrible social skills."
    "It fits, since the book describes a kid who’s scared of growing up."
    "In between, you can expect a lot of rants..."
    "But I want to make clear that I’m doing an effort."
    "I’m a horndog"
    "But I like blinding myself from the real world"
    "I just like ranting for the sake of it"
    "I finally had the chance to sleep… Did I take it? matter how hard I push myself to do it, something else captures my attention."
    "meanwhile my brain was replaying over and over the same made up conversation."
    "I’m spending my summer days lying on my ass all day long "
    "Well, I’ve been given the chance to complain a big deal and be sure I’ll use it."
    "Have I mention I have terrible social skills? I mean, I’m truly awkward. I just stand there, make terrible jokes or just looking petrified."

    It basically comes down to this.
    It seems (but this may not be true, it just seems) that:
    -you've got terrible social skills
    -you like to rant
    -you want to prove yourself
    -you're lazy
    -you want to plan how you're gonna deal with awkward/bad situations, even if planning doesn't make a difference/is a total waste of time
    -you're insecure

    The only reason I know for sure this blog isn't about me is since I'm not going to Spain.

    And I like the fact you can mix all that with so much self-criticism, humour and just interesting stuff to keep us, nosy blog-readers, entertained.

    (Again, sorry for making such a huge comment and please don't feel bad because that list contains mostly "negative" qualities, I just can't relate to your good ones:))

  19. So you don’t relate to my incredible beauty, my kindness and intelligence…? I’m kidding of course, I didn’t actually notice you were mentioning negative qualities; maybe for me they aren’t that negative.
    While I agree with most of your analysis, I’m lazy, I rant, I have terrible social skills… Blah blah… I don’t consider myself insecure. Maybe I come off that way and you end up knowing more about me than I know myself… But, unlike a lot of people, I don’t consider shy and quiet people insecure… Quoting Daria “ Don't worry. I don't have low self-esteem… I have low esteem for everyone else.”

    Oh! And don’t worry about long comments… I love to read them.

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  21. I have no idea how I ended up reeding your blog but darn you are pretty!

  22. @Petter. Thank you very much, you kind sir.

  23. Completely forgot you speaked (and hereby, read :P) spanish, so...
    Este blog no es una pérdida de tiempo. Lo que me haces reir de vez en cuando es inexplicable. Leo hace bastante, te encontré por faiblog (una chica que lee faiblog, omg, necesito amigas como tu) y al menos una vez a la semana entro a leer. Hoy estoy medio borracho todavía de la fiesta de anoche y por eso se me dió por comentar ^^.
    Y concuerdo con @Petter :-)

  24. Gracias, corazón, por los dos cumplidos.
    Se hace lo que se puede.

  25. hola lola :D
    leo tu blog desde hace poco y esta muy interesante lo que haces....todavia no lo leo todo pero si e visto partes... te tengo una pregunta...porque razon decidiste arquitectura...? tengo 17 años y vivo en monterrey, estoy a punto de entrar a la interesa mucho diseño grafico pero no estoy muy seguro...quiero saber que fue lo que hizo que cambiaras de opinion :/ ....y tambien me gustaria irme a otro se si españa pero fuera de mexico...le preguntaria a alguien conocido pero las mujeres que conozco estan muy lejos de tener una mente tan abierta como la tuya gustaria que respondieras porfavor esque tengo la dudota

  26. Monterrey, eh? Super cerca de donde yo vivía… Bueno, relativamente.
    No sé que tan buen consejo será este, ya que yo a veces sufro algunos estragos de arrepentimiento. Diseño grafico es una carrera muy “especifica”, quiero decir… Si eres diseñador grafico eso es todo lo que puedes hacer con ese título. Perfecto y respetable, pero a mí me ponía un poco nerviosa la falta de alternativas. Arquitectura a fin de cuentas es diseño de espacios, si puedes diseñar a tal escala y en tercera dimensión, el diseño gráfico/de modas/industrial serán facilísimos. Muchos expertos en esas 3 profesiones han estudiado arquitectura, de hecho. Es eso, arquitectura es una carrera antigua, respetable y que, contrario a la creencia popular, no terminas forzosamente diseñando edificios, hay miles de caminos.
    Necesitabas una mente abierta para ello? Espero que te haya servido… Respecto a la otro, tomando en cuenta como esta México ahora si te recomiendo que salgas del país :/

  27. Ah. Was just cause I was on my iPad haha. Very good, carry on :)

  28. I'm glad everything went better than expected.

  29. Yes indeed. I, cliche aside, found you via failbook and thought I'd read through a few posts. Safe to say you're now in my "Blog" folder. So keep being interesting.

  30. Well, thank you (:
    I can't promise anything but I'll do my best!