Monday, August 2, 2010

Do They Fly Away by Themselves - go South or Something?

From the moment I knew I was going to spend 9 hours of my life on a plane sitting between two strangers I started picturing who those people could be. Well, you know the kind of nympho I am, actually fantasizing about all kinds of sexy people… I swear, my favorite scenario was the one I sat between a Mexican dude and a Spanish one; you must know exactly what I mean, two of the finest samples of what both countries have to offer: young, hot, funny, and with a very thick accent (ha! you thought I was going to say something else, huh?). Apparently, someone listened to my prays, but just to half of it. I sat between a Mexican and a Spaniard… Around their 50s.


Ok, the Spanish dude had this George Clooney sexy vibe going on… But, whatever.

Nothing major happened other than that. I went to the bathroom, and it said it wasn’t occupied; so, I pushed the door and someone pushed right back. I see now that knowing how to use a lock is a gift given to only a few lucky ones.

My brother drove 5 hours up to Madrid just to pick me up (he’s such a sweetheart, isn’t he?). On our way back to Oviedo (city where I’m going to stay until classes start) a fucking pigeon crashed against the windshield. Just like that. I thought that kind of things just happened on horror movies; just there birds have a death wish. There were blood, brains and feathers splattered all over (if you needed help picturing the whole thing).

I’ve been staying on my brothers apartment, and if you read the last part of my ‘Something about me’ section just to your right you would understand how that could be an awesome thing for me.

It isn’t.

He has a girlfriend now.

May I go back to Mexico, now?


  1. Oh man, how I feel like a creep for replying to this. My blogger thing says posted 5 minutes ago, ha. Anyway, I am the exact same with flights. I always picture who I will sit next to and hope for some dark and mysterious sexy man who I can talk with the entire flight. Never happens.

    Sounds like an interesting time you had so far, lol. Have fun :D

  2. Glad I’m not the only one : D
    Neither of them talked to me either way, and when I tell people this they answer “they didn’t speak to you? How boring!” I didn’t speak a word to them, I guess that make us 3 pretty boring people.

  3. Not starting a conversation is actually a good tactic.
    What if the ones sitting next to you are boring, uninteresting, rat-breathing pink-doggy-coat-lovers (I'm purposefully exaggerating the scenario a bit to get to the point and for dramatic reasons, just nod) who want you to know every single detail of their hobbies/family/relationships/favourite reality show personality and thus start to educate you on those topic from hour one of the flight?
    I'm pretty sure whoever sat next to Dr Arzt on the Oceanic 815, when the plane broke in half thought something on the lines of "horray!" (if you have never watched/cared for Lost, and I can't blame you, seeing the last three seasons, just ignore the last phrase. But keep nodding please. You look hot while nodding).

  4. I play that game too! But my experiences have been: 1 hottie (gay), 2 older women and 1 little girl who threw up on me. I did have a good conversation with the gay guy, but it was only an hour flight...

  5. Well, make him break up with his girlfriend and go with you!

  6. Palomas... p*tas ratas voladoras... x)

    ¿Al final en que universidad te cogieron?

    Tengo un viaje pendiente a Oviedo este verano a ver a dos amigos aunque a estas alturas deben odiarme. Llevo un mes posponiendolo por los motivos más peregrinos. De nuevo el día 6 debería ir para allá pero no... lo he vuelto a cancelar. Con lo bien que se come y lo fresquito que se está.

    El único problema de Oviedo es que en verano queda prácticamente desierta. Es una ciudad de estudiantes y la gente desaparece en agosto. Si os quereis divertir por la noche igual os toca ir a Gijón, aunque seguro que tu hermano sabe más que yo de esos asuntos... :P

    ¡Pásalo bien! :)


  7. Well, I actually a frequent flyer when it comes to planes so I've actually become accustomed to chatting my neighbors, perhaps I'm turning into my grandfather who talks with EVERYONE. But its not a bad thing. You know, maybe one of those older men were architects and could have directed you to other architects, giving you an in to the business? But we'll never know now... It's all a gamble... Whoever we meet, the things we do, the things we say. In my opinion it's best to take a chance and if they were boring people, take out a book and say, I really want to finish this book. BAM. I mean, the last time I was on a airplane, a week ago, there was an old man who was sitting next to me, I asked, what are you doing here? He said, traveling the world, thus beginning a discussion on a very adventurous person. So take a chance!

    As for the boy with the friend, you can still fantasize right? ;) Anyway, take care, have fun and I'll be reading. Just keep writing :)

  8. Oh and I just read the last part of your entry with the shirts... And soooo, your mom huh? You should post a pretty picture of her! I like my women a little bit older... What can i say?

  9. Oooh so you finally arrived there. Pics or it didn't happen!

  10. Ummm, that was me in the bathroom.....joining the mile high myself.

  11. @federico. I don’t do it because social situations make me uncomfortable, but if I do it… I prefer to talk to someone who, either, loves talking about him/herself, o loves asking questions. Everything is easier that way. And no… I’m sorry, I never got to watch Lost, but I do know how it ends; apparently everybody was traumatized by the end.

    @dannifoley. At least you have a conversation on your recond; somehow people never want to talk to me. That’s not good for my selfsteem.

    @Calvin. I’m working on it… No, I’m kidding, I’m too much of a coward to act like a bitch.

    @Juanjo. Todavia no se! Que verguenza, sigo viendo eso… Tengo que ir a las universidades, para asegurarme de que hayan leído mi solicitud… Y como las secretarias son unas inútiles, por teléfono no me han servido de nada, tengo que ir a buscar en persona a alguien capacitado.
    Pues si, todas las personas ocn las que me junto ahora dejaron de ser estudiantes hace al menos un mes… Al menos ya tengo una explicación a ello.

    @SheetOutToLuck. I’m pretty sure you get to talk to fascinating people… I’d love to; seems like a Chatroulette without all the dicks… The thing is, I’m not great on conversations, if they talk to me , fine. Talking to someone just like that, not my thing.
    It took me a while to understand what you meant… Actually, on that entry I was talking about me, referring to myself in third person and calling the readers my children. Now that I think about it, it’s a lousy joke.

    @alexel. Believe me, I plan to upload so many pictures that this thing will look like a tumblr.

    @Jason. I’m so sorry! I was just checking if you needed a hand there. Oh my…

  12. I just went through all of your posts and no tits. What gives??

  13. @T LO - Oh noes.. the disappointmentz :(

  14. No reason to apologize, part of the fun is leaving the door unlocked so I get caught in the act. Oh my indeed.

  15. "seems like a Chatroulette without all the dicks…"

    So when you said this you meant the metaphoric dicks or the literal ones. From the small experiences i had with said engine i ended seeing many literal ones (eyes bleeeed ..oh noes First time a friend told me about it i tried it in my computer which doesn't have a camera i guess it was a "dickey" move of me. But now i have a camera... YAY... i wonder if i should try it again ...hmmmmmmmm

  16. uuh, I can't believe it!!! the bitch has a girlfriend, well just think of it as a game, you have some competition. but don't worry honey, he'll leave her for you in no time.

  17. Me cuesta creer que hoy tu hermano no te haya llevado al Descenso del Sella... ;)


  18. @TLo. Sorry about the disappointment honey. But that’s life I guees, you don’t always get tits.
    @alexel. I would be disappointed too if I couldn’t see my tits.
    @Jason. Then, I’m glad I helped you there.
    @Pedro Calheiros. Literal, completely literal. I swear I didn’t know that many kinds existed until then.
    @Ferdanda dauphine. I’m crossing my fingers here! I miss you!
    @Juanjo. Ni el quiso ir jaja dijo que ha ido otros años y no le gusto mucho… Pero me llevo a ver El Origen :D

  19. Hi!
    Sorry I haven't posted on your blog in a while, I've been busy...
    I always picture who I'll sit next to on a flight too (i.e. a teenage European prince perhaps?), but I generally end up sitting next to my sister. I was lucky though, once, on the 6 hour flight from Honolulu to San Fransisco (I still had another one after that: San Fransisco to Boston) but I ended up sitting next to a really nice French couple! I'm completely obsessed with France, the French language, and everything French so it was amazing! We chatted for practically the whole time! :)
    How's Spain?

  20. Oh, no need to apologize; you can visit my blog whenever you feel like it :*
    I think the last time I remember siting next to someone to talk to (aside from the times when I travel with someone I already know) was when with an old guy when I was 10. He carried a book for his niece (or something like that) and he lend it to me during the flight.
    Spain is awesome really, mostly because here everyone’s still on summer break.

  21. "I see now that knowing how to use a lock is a gift given to only a few lucky ones."