Friday, August 20, 2010

Don’t Answer if You don’t Feel Like it.

- If you're from Africa Mexico, why are you white?
- Oh my God,
Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white.

(mean girls, 2004)

This is what my life has come to.


  1. haha Mean Girls.

    I can completely relate though. I love when people are like, "What is your ethnicity/race/(etc)?" and I answer, "Mexican." They always are like, "Oh... you don't look Mexican?" Uh okay, what the hell is that supposed to mean? haha.

  2. Have you heard this one yet? "You sure you don't have a little caucasian in you? Do you want too?”

    But in all seriousness how many generations does your family have to be in a country to consider yourself that ethnicity?

    As far as ethnicities in my blood line, I have Polish, Slovenian, Czechoslovakian, Ukrainian and Croatian, my wife is Scottish, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. So if we have kids I am just going to tell them they are an Eastern European mix.

  3. Agreed... when people find out that I'm an idiot, they always say "you don't LOOK like an idiot". Looks can be deceiving.

  4. I'm sorry I can't help you, I guess I pretty much fall in the mexican ethnicity, since most people are not shocked when I say I'm mexican.

    Although once a calvin klein sales lady asked me if I was Brazilian, she made my year.

    Maybe next time people ask where I'm from I'll tell them I'm japanese, see how it feels when they say I don't look japanese.

  5. What's the problem?? I'm many times confused with english, german or any north european country ppl. Just because i'm blonde, have blues eyes and am not that short... and i'm portuguese! people in my own country of my own nationality ask me that. I don't mind, i see nothing wrong with it...

    Just don't give it too much importance and it won't bother you =)

  6. I don't get this problem quite as much, I have a mostly Irish background and I look Irish. Though I have occasionally gotten a few comments of "Are you Irish? I thought so, you're so pale!"

    Keep your head up and don't let it bother you!<3

    P.S. Love the Mean Girls reference! It's once of my favorite movies!

  7. @Bree. Exactly! Exactly! Haha You actually got me excited because you relate… I always want to ask “how are Mexicans supposed to look?”.

    @Jules. Oh man, no. I’ve heard this one “Don’t you have sun in Mexico?”… I’m pale, get over it.
    How do you keep track of that bloodline? I just have (that I know of) Spanish and Mexican and that confuses people enough.

    @Roy. Once I was told I don’t look like the kind of girl who played with Barbies… Still trying to figure that one out.

    @Fernanda. You made me dream with that! Oh, now I remember! Fuck this, I’m speaking Spanish. Conocia a un hombre que no me creia que era Mexicana y le decia “bueno pues, soy japonesa”, lo encontraba tan incredible como lo de Mexicana pero me creyo. Cuando se entero que no era Japonesa se enojaba. Ve como me afectan tus comentarios.

    @Pedro. Oh, it doesn’t bother me that much. I wouldn’t have quoted Mean Girls if I really cared… Mexicans tend to make fun of the fact that the rest of the world think we are all brown with giant sombreros.

    @dannifoley. I get the “you’re so pale” comment so freaking much. It Mexico it’s not a problem since (let’s just face it) being white is a good thing… In Spain I get this pitty looks because I don’t look sickish orange.