Monday, August 30, 2010

You Don’t Have to be a Bad Guy to Depress Somebody

This is a very adequate sequel to my previous post…

Here’s something you should know about me and my brother: we can’t handle confrontation, for very similar but different reasons.

The similar. We are unable to keep ourselves calm.

The difference.
Him: You’re fucking wrong, you fucking fuck!
Me: You…*cries a bit* I just… *cries a bit more* I just don’t get why you have to be so mean!

Now that you know the facts, let’s jump to the story. Place yourself on the same scenario described on the last entry; the music, alcohol, lame dance and random make-out dude. I’ve already forced my brother to watch me being a drunk slut and he didn’t seem to have a problem with it; rather, he seemed quite proud his little sister’s milkshake could bring all the boys to the yard, only this time, he wasn’t ok about it. To be perfectly honest, this time the random dude wasn’t that random. He was a friend of his girlfriend.

My brother came up to me and in that very serious voice of his told me,
“I don’t want you to talk to that fucker anymore” Take a breath “You don’t have anything to feel bad about, you didn’t do anything wrong; just don’t talk to him”.

Since I’m a firmly supporter of the ‘Bros before hoes’ philosophy I listen to him, but the damage was already done. After that, it was an hour of waiting for my brother and his girlfriend to finish fighting about it; I still don’t know what exactly trigger the fight and who was on my side (if there was someone on my side).

See, we don’t fight with each other, since we don’t know how to; lately we just talk  if we really need to. Things are getting better, but not as fast as I’d wish for. I’m not the one for complaining (who am I kidding? I totally am) but I don’t know a lot of people here, if my brother doesn't talk to me I don’t have much more.

I’m pretty sure I’m quoting a lot of crappy songs here but… I’ve never felt so alone.


  1. Ay mija... Lo mas probable es que tu hermano sepa algo que hizo/tenga el "susodicho", y solo quería que no te pasara nada malo, es mas ?que tal si lo platican?, pero platicar, no discutir; los dos son ya adultos, así que pueden entenderse bien, ?no te parece?

    En cuanto lo de estar sola, la solución es muy sencilla: salir. Pero no salir de fiesta al antro, sino salir a eventos culturales, artísticos, galerías y muchos otros eventos donde puedas encontrar gente con gustos similares a los tuyos. En la universidad encontrarás gente muy afín a ti, ya verás.

    Además, esa sonrisa tuya es una de las armas más poderosas que tienes a la hora de conocer a alguien, ya verás, saliendo por tu cuenta a lugares mas de tu agrado conocerás a alguien divertido/a, es solo cosa de atreverse.

    Por último !anímate!, ya estás allá, lo lograste, disfrútalo. Estás muy joven, muy linda y muy talentosa como para ponerte depre ?eh?, así que arriba ese ánimo, sal, diviertete, y como dice Rommy Streigher:

    "Pórtatelo mal, pero cuídatelo bien"

    Te mando muchos saludos.


  2. "Bros before Hoes"! YOu have the right idea there.. so now all you can do is give some time to your bro and his girlfriend. They'll come around and everything gonna be alright again! Cheer up!...and nothing else matters (just to reference a song too :P )

  3. Te iba a decir lo mismo que Alejandro así que para qué voy a repetirme.

    Te vas a hartar de conocer gente... y te vas a hartar de echar de menos a tu gente. Es así siempre.

    "We've got a place for the night,
    What are you worried about?"

    ¡Espero que te guste!


  4. @Alejandro. ¿Cómo te explico cuanto extraño escuchar el “mija”? Yo se que platicarlo seria la opción mas obvia, pero ahí esta el problema. Para nosotros no existe una discusión tranquila; o bromeamos o nos gritamos. Somos muy extremos cuando estamos juntos.
    Yo se que se me va a pasar, y solo estoy haciendo una tormenta por nada;pero creo que es normal extrañar.

    @Pedro. Just to update… Yep, he’s ok again. We didn’t need to talk, one point for non-communication.

    @Juanjo. Yep. Solo estoy siendo dramatic, creo que meva a llegar la regla…. ¿Demasiada información?
    Me encanto la canción :* Gracias!

  5. Hello Stranger :)

    Just been catchin up on some of your biz, and thought I could say something helpful here but as it turns out, by the time I got home and remembered what I was gonna say, your predicament seems to have sorted itself out through whatever means.

    Anyway; I noticed that the relationship you describe with your brother sounds awfully like the one I have with my sisters - we just can't argue AT ALL. I'm sure we've wanted (and maybe even tried) to several times, but we both know that through all the crap that has happened and may happen, in a very real sense we're closer to each other than to anyone else in our sparse family, and in another real sense, we're almost all the family we have.

    Wow. What I'm trying to get at is that I have never felt more alone than when I thought I had isolated myself from my sisters. So I just wanted to comment in solidarity with that.

    Took me several paragraphs, but I got there.

    I could have just said "I know what you mean", but where's the verbose fun in that?

    Well done on making over to our fair continent! And enjoy yourself!


  6. Aww! Don't feel alone, I'm a lot like you with the whole confrontation thing. I can handle it, but I'm one of those people who would rather like, just move on and avoid fighting, ya know? Anyway, have fun/be safe/etc :)

  7. I've racked up quite some alcohol-based stories over the last few years and I've never woken up with a headache. A bit nauseous, yes, but never more than that.
    My mother doesn't like that really. Shes keeps wishing i would get a terrible headache so I wouldn't drink as much:p

    Everyone is egocentric I guess. I don't think anybody ever truly does something for someone else.

    Ow and I hope you and your brother are good again:)

  8. @Ben. Well, exactly. I got what you said completely. I know about my brother’s pride, and how hard it is for him to admit he was a jerk; even if he had a good reason to be.
    Apparently I like going in circles too; I understand what you said about no need to fight to know what’s going on.
    Thank you for stopping by and the good wishes :*

    @Bree. Thank you. I think (but I’m not really sure I should say it) talking is overrated. I’m not saying one should swallow their feelings; I’m just saying that sometimes it’s better to left thing unsaid because one will probably change their mind later.

    @Stino. I’ve never had a headache either… I do, however, get horrible nauseas; I can’t get up, my whole world spins and if I move a lot I might vomit. Never headache. I don’t know why that is or which is worse.

  9. its never cool when you see a guy grabing your sister's boobs!
    and if its a known guy is even worst, i think (im a guy and i have a sister, good luck she is not that goodlooking :D )

  10. Ahem! In my defense that guy wasn’t anywhere near my boobs… But I get what you’re saying, and I do feel bad about it.
    And maybe, you don’t think your sister is that goodlooking because she’s your sister. I doubt my brother thinks I’m fucking hot.