Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Very Phony, Ivy League Voices

Lately I’ve been having the recurring dream of knowing everything is a dream. I don’t mean it in the cool way like: Is this a dream? Fuck yeah! I’m going to fly like a mother fucker and then have intercourse with every single rockstar without getting aids! God no. It’s quite depressing, really. Just to give you an example, the other day I dreamt about meeting Rupert Grint, I was acting all cool thinking that would making him love me. When that didn’t work out I tried, actually, talking to him, and he ignored me; I got mad, but then he turned to me, grabbed my hand and smiled… That’s when it happened: Wait… Shit. I’m dreaming, right? RIGHT? This is just lovely. Whatever, I’m not having fun anymore.

The explanation for this (or at least the one I made up with all my free time) is my lack of progress since I came to Spain. I’ve been here since August 1st and I have gain nothing. I still have no college or Spanish ID (I did, however, buy a lovely Blackberry)… Not my fault, mind you, I sent my applications in time.

I’ve tried my best to keep things going, or at least make myself believe I’m keeping things going by calling each college I applied to almost every single day.

Phone Conversation Reenactment.

August 1-15
Me: Hi! Uhmmm… Hello! Did I already said that…? Good morning, yeah.
Whatever University: Hey.
Me: Uhm… Yeah… If it’s not a lot of trouble could you pretty please check if my application is in progress?
WU: It’s summer, no, fuck off.
Me: Ok! Thanks!

August 16-31
Me: Hi! I’m wondering… How is my application going on?
WU: Is Summer still going on?
Me: Ok, bye.

September 1-10
Me: Hi! About my application…
WU: It’s in progress… Call in a few days.
Me: Ok, tha- hello?

September 11-19
Me: It’s been a few days.
WU: We’re going to send you a letter with the answer, wait for the fucking letter
Me: I’m still going to call, you know? By the way, good bye.

September 20-24
Me: I was just…
WU: Oh sweetie, you again.
Me: Yeah, hi… How are you?
WU: I’m great, thanks… You still have to way a few more days, you know?
Me: Yeah… I kinda saw it coming. Thanks anyway.

I know it’s been a while since I updated this blog, but I waited because I wanted to, at least, post a bit of good news. Well, now I got good news. Yesterday, I called Valladolid University and the conversation got a unexpected turn: “You’re in, kid. You’re so fucking in… Now, please stop bothering me” (Ok, he wasn’t that enthusiastic; but, I bet he wanted to be, if those etiquette rules didn’t exist).

Does anybody knows someone from Valladolid…? Because I don’t.


  1. Yes, I follow the blog of this girl who just got in to Valladolid. She cute, funny and smart, you would probably like her. You should check her out: ( ;)

    Congratulations! It always feels great to know you are wanted. Was this school on the top of your list? I am sorry, but I can’t say I have heard of the University before, but then again there are a lot of Universities I have never heard of.

    So what now? How many days before you start? Are you excited to get to your new school? Will you be getting a dorm room or commuting? Just wait until dreams about college and classes start up again. I still remember the worst dream I had was around finals and I dreamt that I was late for a final. It was a final for a class I never knew I was in, so I never went to class, but I needed to pass the final to graduate. I was not in the best mood after that nightmare.

  2. Woo! I know you're going to do great!
    and lol @ the conversation reenactments, that is so me.

  3. way to gooo kiddo'! don't worry, it will be fine.
    and post here more often.

    "you got in kthxbye" :D

  4. Valladolid. Bueno, hubiera preferido que te hubieran dado plaza en Alcalá (¡Pillaba más cerca! :D ) pero no es mal lugar. O eso creo... :P

    Y añado: tengo alguna amiga de allí. Si no se han ido y si te ves agobiada podría ponerme en contacto, a ver si te pueden echar una mano.

    Por cierto, si vas a ir a Valladolid no puedes llegar sin conocer a uno de los mejores grupos de música que ha salido de allí, que supongo que ya habrás escuchado pero por si las moscas...


  5. Congrats =) Hope you'll do great!
    Also, Valladolid is not that far from Portugal! So when you're tired of spain take some days off and visit our country =)

  6. Congrats, darling! You'll do great!

  7. @Jules. I didn’t have a “top of the list” option… I mean, I used to, but the more I thought about it, each college had pros and cons… I already started, a week ago; once I got the acceptance letter everything went way too fast.
    Oh, and I know those dreams very well… Even on summer break I dreamt about having tons of homework that I haven’t started.

    @Bree. Thank you… I do hope so! We have so much in common <3 Haha I’m serious, if you ever come to Spain you can stay with me :*

    @alexel. I swear I’m going to try. I have a lot to say but with all these changes and mood swing I’m going through what I lack is the inspiration to do it.

    @Juanjo. Bueno, no estaría mal. Pero no sé cómo me sentiría teniendo más amigos por pena… Que parece que hasta ahora todos los conocidos que tengo son por hacerle un favor a alguien más.
    Aunque no me hagas mucho caso. Como sea, si tu alguna vez te pasas por acá, avísame!

    @Pedro. I can’t promise anything, since I’m pretty sure my parents want me to settle down for a while… Bu lets se (: Thanks!

    @Danni. Thank you! I hope so ):