Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sit Still and Behave

Welcome to her busy dizzy life,
Of going out and getting high,
And following all the latest trends
While shedding all her oldest friends.
It’s been weeks worth of weekends
when fake I.D.s and fake passions are her best friends.
She’s been thinking wishing she could hide
From the girls with the comments passing by.
It’s the boys in bars on Friday night
That replace the emptiness inside.
She’ll be spending her whole weekend
Faking laughs and faking smiles with her fake friends.
Promises you made back home
Are crumpled like the goodbye notes;
And last night’s dirty clothes
Were on the floor next to the phone,
And it’s been disconnected months ago.
No calls from your friends back home.
You lost your point of view and now
It’s got the best of you.
It really comes as no surprise,
She’s gonna break.

She’s Gonna Break Soon

I’m actually being quite dramatic… I’m beginning to have a great time. But let’s just ignore that, since it makes me more interesting if I just complain.


  1. Aw doll! I hope you truly are having a great time. Make the most of where you are and what's around you. I know, easier said than done :) But still!

  2. They say that the tallest nail gets hammered, and from your last post it souds like you need to be hammered and soon. ;)

  3. Haha, what's with all the idioms and sayings, Jules?
    Anyway, just sending my love! <3 my emo Lola!

  4. @Bree. I seriously am… And I think I already told you why *giggles*

    @Jules. I do need action… It’s getting ridiculous. You think it’s easy for a girl, and it probably is. I’m just not getting any.

    @danni. Thank you, hon. You know, you should always have something to complain about.

  5. Hahahahaha!!!
    Lola, I'm pretty sure I just fell MORE in love with you!
    "You think it’s easy for a girl, and it probably is. I’m just not getting any." <3

  6. That's my life right now, it isn't funny!
    :* Haha thank you, though!