Monday, January 10, 2011

Don’t Tell Anybody Anything

Not that long ago I received an email from  someone who clearly wasn’t a fan asking me (and I quote): “Ever thought about why you soulstrip?”

Needless to say, I was prepared for answering in the most respectful (and I’m not even being sarcastic here) and cliché way possible how much I enjoy writing, especially about myself. Then, I realized my answer would be invalid, simple because I don’t ‘soulstrip.’

Is writing about awkward purchases of vibrators, sexual fantasies regarding my brother’s roommate and my low patience for women’s common behavior suddenly soulstripping? Are you sure about that?

Let me show you how is done, bitch.

  1. Most people won’t understand this, but one of the things I miss the most is my dog. I was there when she was born and from that point is the closest I have to a child. With people I can tell them how much I miss them, my dog probably thought I abandoned her and forgot about me.
  2. I miss everything, everyone, all the freaking time.
  3. It’s been almost a year since I broke up with my boyfriend. Every time I’m with somebody else I feel as if I’m cheating on him.
  4. I just had my math final. I’m pretty fucking sure I failed, even though I studied for weeks. I’m wondering if I have some kind of mental retardation that hasn’t been diagnosed.

I’m not even going to pretend these are real problems, however, it’s stuff close to my heart. Point being, if my objective with this blog was to strip my soul, I’d talk about “deep” shit, not about the dirty thoughts I have when I masturbate; partly because (to quote NOFX)why think of all the bad things when life is so good?”, but mostly because: soulstripping, just like regular stripping, unless you do it to someone you share intimacy with or you’re getting paid for… It’s just not worth it.


  1. I could not agree with you more. I view blogging as a circle of friends, just talking and sharing ideas. I mean if this was done face to face instead of over the internet would it be much different? I guess over the internet you tend to not form the lasting relationships in that you would in real life, but would the conversation be any different? Probably not.

    Something tells me this person is just jealous that are not getting the same attention that you are getting. They probably have a failed blog somewhere because people were just not interested in their life. Some of us do not lead interesting lives and are not meant to be the center of attention. The sooner people figure this out that happy then can be with who they are and not what they pretend to be.

    I guess I am just trying to say be who you are and be happy with who you are. If you can do that than life, for good or bad, becomes livable. No matter what happens you can always trust in yourself.

  2. haters gonna h8

    no, but seriously, i haven't commented on your blog in awhile! i've been reading though, i just haven't found enough time in the day, y'know?

    forget the creep and keep doing what you are doing. i personally love to hear about your dirty thoughts! haha :)

    and also, i feel like people don't understand my connection with my dog either. i go on vacation for a week without her and i feel like a terrible person. xD

  3. 1. No creo que lo vea él de ese modo. Posiblemente esté esperando a que vuelvas. Los perros son así...

    2. Normal. Máxime si no estás encontrando gente afín a tí. Lo raro sería que esto no sucediese. Los amigos son uno de los motivos que no me dejan pensar con claridad ante ideas que implican salir de aquí a otro país. O a otra ciudad, incluso.

    3. Siento escuchar eso. A mí me ha costado un año empezar a pensar en otras chicas (mentira, solo he sido capaz de pensar en una que no fuese ella) y no verlo como unos cuernos. Pero aún un año después de dejarlo soy incapaz de pensar en nada serio con alguien sin tener en mente que posiblemente le duela a ella, y esto me tira para atrás. Y eso que fuí yo el que cortó la relación.
    Así que parece ser que en el fondo no eres tan mala chica... :P

    4. Yo tengo un examen la semana que viene y unos cuantos finales la primera semana de febrero. El de hoy lo fastidié en una chorrada (que me sabía, además) que hace que en lo sucesivo buena parte del exámen esté mal. Pasó de ser un 10 redondo a un 4 en un solo movimiento.
    Bueno ¿Y qué?
    Mi profesor de dibujo técnico nos decía que los exámenes son gotas ridículamente pequeñas en el oceano que es la vida. Ya vendrán otros que aprobaremos. Además, siempre puedes pensar que tú estás a mitad de carrera y otros como yo estamos empezándola... con 26 ;)

  4. About your dog, I STRONGLY recommend you do a Google search on "Seymour Futurama". You're gonna cry so fucking loud I'm probably gonna hear it.
    I know I did.

  5. PS: new design, I like it (y).

  6. @Jules. This entry wasn’t really to complain about the email, not at all. It was something I realized when I was about to answer. I use this blog as a hobby that brings me a lot of fun, which keeps me from writing about what truly brings me down. I just don’t think people should assume that something like being rejected by a 16 year old kid means that much to me; in other words, I don’t really write about things that are serious to me, since this is not a “serious blog”.

    @Bree. I’m glad you’re still around here. I still sometimes write your url, as a habit. :$ I feel sorry for the people who don’t understand how much can you love a dog… That’s about everything I could say, they’ll never understand how ‘human’ dogs can be without the horrors of being actual humans.

    @Juanjo. 1.Ella* Y mi madre me dice que a veces la ve en mi habitación, que hasta se mete a mi armario a buscarme.
    3. Veo que entonces entiendes perfectamente mi problema. No me gusta mucho hablar de ello, la verdad.
    4. Me fue fatal… Mira, así te lo dejo: si apruebo me decepcionaría del sistema educativo. No merezco aprobar; bueno, por todo lo que estudie si lo merezco… Pero por lo que presente como examen no. Uno de mis hermanos me dijo que en su primer examen no supo hacer nada entonces se fue de ahí sin entregar nada, lo único que pensé fue “Puedes no entregar nada? Porque nadie me dijo? Yo entregue esa vergüenza de examen…”
    Espera… Dibujo técnico? Que me dijiste que estudias?

    @MakE. Oh, I’ve seen that episode. My mom tells me my dog sometimes looks for me inside my room and my closet. Man, I really miss her.
    Thank you! Very Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

  7. ¿Que qué estudio? Te lo cuento mejor en un mail...