Friday, January 7, 2011

Special Kind of Fall, a Horrible Kind

The girl is not green
But she’s got no clue
What they’re whispering about her.
She’s got no clue.
She’s never quite sure what to do,
With her hands,
In social situations.
 She’s so sick of herself sometimes,
Leaves her stomach
Inside a bathroom stall.

A Girl I Know
The Matches

Details later… If I’m still alive by January 10th. You see, my math final may have killed my wit, but I won’t lose my sense to dramatize.

I’ll take off my Christmas ornaments when I get the chance, too.


  1. You'll do fine! Just relax and focus. An make sure you eat breakfast! <3

  2. T minus 2 days.
    That should take the heat off of you.

  3. El día D.

    ¿Como fué?

  4. @ Danni. I didn’t do fine. I really couldn’t relax or focus… But I ate breakfast. One out of three isn’t enough, I guess.

    @MakE. T plus 2 days. Awful.

    @Juanjo. Fatal, Juanjo. FATAL.