Monday, January 17, 2011

Where Did the Ducks Go?

At first, I was a bit ashamed with my sudden adoration for teenagers (and I mean all kinds, not just the male types)… A short Gossip Girl promo was all I needed to realize we all have this fascination with them; those shows wouldn’t be so popular without our sickening need to watch kids be disappointed by life.

Sometimes I feel like I should paid The Teenage Boy for every appearance he makes in my blog, then I remember I’m not earning a damn with this hobby of mine so I scratch the idea. Don’t worry, dudes, you don’t have to call child services… I’m no longer screwing with the poor bastard; we actually get along great lately (and very innocently, may I add).

Looking for some cheap entertainment, just a few days ago, he watched me waste my precious time on my laptop; mistaking that with an actual ability he asked me why was I studying architecture while my interest were clearly somewhere else. I had a hard time explaining how some career paths are a bit too “frail” for some people to pursue; he didn’t have a hard time at all to answer me with a “You should major in what you love, no matter what other people say”.

Now, I’m happy for you, people, who from the start wanted to be a ‘doctor’ or ‘mechanical engineer’, I’m sorry I’m not one of you. And here comes a shout-out to you, people, who love music or fashion and majored in that subject… I’m sorry I’m not one of you either.

It goes without saying how much it pained me to tell him the issue is more complex than that, specially since he reminds me a little bit of myself when I was his age. I was going to become a graphic designer and nobody was going to stop me; apparently ‘nobody’ was me, the day I hit 18 and high school was over.

“Architecture is a career based on design” I explained in an almost mechanical voice “If I can design in 3D I’ll easily design in 2D… I guess I took something I loved and I alter it into a secure path”. I’m not sure if he bought that.

Never mind that… There are youngsters with more serious issues.

I noticed my blog suffered some serious lack of estrogen… Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to The Teenage Girl. In case I’ve lost some of you along the way, let’s remember some old characters. I have a brother, my brother has two roommates: The Hot One (yum…), The Other One (I’m not even sure I like him as a person). The Other One (who’s 21, for the record) has The Teenage Boy as a best friend and is now dating a 16 year-old girl aka ‘The Teenage Girl’ (but seriously, who the fuck am I to judge, right?).

The Teenage Girl, where could I begin? She’s a cheap horror movie waiting to happen. Two dates were enough for this girl to believe it was alright to tell the guy she was falling in love with him… And to call him uncontrollably the very next day. When he stopped answering his phone, she started calling mine.I don’t even want to know how she got it. He pleaded me to tell her he wasn’t home, I told him that if I picked up that phone my only words would be: Bitch, pull yourself together. So it was better for everyone if I stayed out of it.

I’m getting ahead on birthday presents right now, so you will have to excuse me while I look on Amazon for some copies of “He’s Not That Into You” and “Kid, Just do Whatever the Hell You Want. Don’t Listen to that Twat…She’s 20, What the Fuck She Actually Knows About the Real World?”


  1. Yo también quise ser músico... :)

    ...o rider de MTB-downhill!!

    Lo que no interpreto es el título. ¿Por qué ese título?

  2. ahhh teenage girls... they can be soo good, they can be soo bad. Notheless... in the all character drama it's beeing created here i0m starting to see "The Other One" as a vilain!

  3. @Juanjo. Esos sueños locos que uno tiene cuando se es adolescente, eh? Yo lo sé. Y no hay mucha ciencia en el titulo, discúlpame… Era como la frustración de “a donde se van los patos en invierno?” se compara con “a donde se van los sueños después de bachiller”. Algo así.

    @Pedro. Ugh. He is. I don’t hate him, really, but I can’t take him seriously. He has no mind of his own, he’s not even cute and has poop instead of brain… Everybody here agrees that we would trade him for The Teenager as a roommate in a heart-beat.