Monday, February 28, 2011

David Copperfield Kind of Crap

Do you hate puppies?
Not even a little bit… Actually, if I could give birth to puppies instead of babies I would be fucking every night without a condom.

Where are you going to be in 10 years?2.11-poker
Not underground… I hope. Other than that, I don’t care.

Is the Riemann hypothesis correct?
Well, the answer to that question is quite obvious, isn’t?



Am i supposed to type in a question here?
Yeah. There… There… Just like that… Yeah… Don’t stop typing.

In your blog description you state that you, the author "...pretends to have daddy issues...". Would you please elaborate? How do you do this? Why do you do it? What is an example of what you have gained from it. Has it led you to being attracted to older men? Heh.
A girl with daddy issues, due to the lack of attention she got from her father seeks approval from guys, sleeping with them, for example. What I meant was that I fuck guys with the false excuse that I need male attention. It was a joke… I swear.
Older men…? I do think Hugh Laurie is effing hot.

If you could meet any one of your followers, who would it be?
Mommy doesn’t play favorites.

If it’s not your real name, where did ‘Lola Dahl’ come from?
Boring Story Alert!
Lola, from the song La Lola by Café Quijano, which describes a girl who went from bed to bed without finding a guy who truly cared. I don’t necessarily relate but I find it tragically fascinating.
When I first started the blog I had this crush on an actor called Tony Dalton, I liked his last name but I preferred to shorten it down to Dal. The Matches first album is: E. Von Dahl killed The Locals; I decided to add an ‘h’.

(5/y-3) = 1 + (y+7)/(2y-6)

I'm not sure if you do speak spanish and are half spanish half mexican....
A Mexican dude fell in love with a Spanish hottie… They decided (through a process there’s no need to explain, because ew!) to bring children into this world and teach them their mother language.
So, yes… All of the above.

Are you a social experiment or some personality digital test for customers? 'cause I can't believe there's a girl like you promise to be
The Chili&Rice Project is non-profit organization created to make un-tanned nerds and 71 year-old-creeps feel good about themselves through the image of a young lady who would fuck them hard and not ask to be called back.

In all seriousness… Here goes a life-lesson, kiddo: No matter how good she looks, someone somewhere is tired of her shit.

If you could say one thing to Rupert Grint (or any other celebrity for that matter, but I figured you'd pick Ruppie anyway) what would you say?
OMG!!!111!1 MARRY ME!1!!11!one! :'D

Are you fat?
Big boned, BIG BONED!

Are you lesbian?
For Megan Fox/Rachel McAdams/Anne Hathaway I would be.

The thing that annoys you the most?
I’m easily annoyed… If I have to pick one I’d say very loud people who aren’t even funny.

I don't know if you've addressed the difference in the way people dress on the street and at parties, between the two continents. Going regularly between the US and France, teenage girls in the US scare me by dressing so much more trampy than what I see in France.
I wouldn’t say that the difference between Mexico’s and Spain’s fashion would be trashy and elegant… More like, urban and sophisticated. Let’s just say you see way more jeans over there.

Do you like pie? :D
It depends on what kind of pie… But yeah, I’d say pies and I have a pretty good thing going on.

Where's the weirdest place you've ever pee'd?
Train tracks. In Madrid. In front of my best friend. At 16. Drunk. Of course.

Do you prefer a warm oil massage or bare dry hands?
Lube is always appreciated.

Ideal pet?
Platypus <33 Bitches love platypuses.
Favorite hobby?
What is your favorite chili?

A quickie on favorites: Pale pink. Oviedo(Spain). Piña Colada. Spaghettis. Titanic. Harry Potter books. Every Breath You Take by The Police. 

Not Real Questions
I know what you really look like!

Damn! You got me… I’m actually a 12 year-old dude who poses as a 20 year-old girl using pictures of her incredible beautiful sister. Give me money and I’ll send you her panties!



You may be wondering where are all the naughty questions I promised. It turns out a lot of people on the internet care about the sexual life of a college girl (shocking!) so it needed its own entry. If your little hearts desire it, you can still submit questions here but (I can’t believe I’m actually saying this) they have to be sex related since that’s the topic…

I’ll be back with all the dirt ;)


  1. I always suspected you were secretly a 12 year old boy...

  2. Thank you, you saucy minx.

  3. @danni. And I have this big prepubescent crush on you <3

    @MrChris. …Are you thanking me? Is there a service I’m providing?

  4. Aun no he puesto pregunta. Igual debería mojarme. No pun intended.

  5. I was all hyped to use the quadratic equations. I was really disappointed with the equation factored out so easily.

    Yes, I had to solve it on my own. unsolved equations are like crack to an engineer.

    Really platypus is your final answer or do you just enjoy being unpredictable?

    If you went this direction with the answers to the non-sexual questions I can't wait to see the sexual ones!

  6. @Jules. These thing about the equations must be AFTER finishing the degree. Seriously. I don't wanna see any kind of crap, math related, for my next five years. At least. D:

  7. @Juanjo. Mojala! Pun very intended (:

    @ Jules. When I first got the question I was thinking about just telling a joke about it and ignore it. However, I do like algebra… Specially easy and simple as this was.
    I thought about dogs but I guessed the question asked me to think outside the box. Beside dogs, platypuses are my favorite animals; come on, they are fascinating, they look like beavers and ducks at the same time! If I believed in God I’d think he was drunk when he created the platypus.
    The sexual ones are quite straight forward, though. I had fun with these ones because most of them where quirky… Still, the other ones talk about sex, so they win at the end.