Thursday, February 3, 2011

Enough Education to Hate People

Back in college after a long and not-so-well-deserved break.

I’m not even going to pretend I was ready to come back… I guess I needed to, though. Apparently, school gave me the ability to speak my mind, which now I have forgotten.

If you don’t believe me, let me show it to you in an easy guide I’ve decided to name: Crap I should’ve said.

Exhibit A. Saying goodbye to The Teenager the night before coming back.

Teenager: So… Well… Have a good trip and… Good luck.

Crap I should’ve said: Just so you know, you’ve really grown on me (not in a dirty way, for Christ sake)… And since I care about you I have the need to apologize for every time I’ve made you feel uncomfortable; I guess it’s hard for me to remember your age sometimes, since you have brains and balls a lot of older guys don’t.

What I did say: Aw, thanks! See you!

Exhibit B. Confessing to The Roommate how much I didn’t want to come back right after he found me crying on the living room (talk about making guys feel uncomfortable, right?)

Roommate: I honestly think you should stop being such a pussy, little grasshopper. I’m sorry I have to say it like that but you can’t be so weak. It’s not so bad.

Crap I should’ve said: I’m sorry… “So weak”? Why? I’m not giving up in any way, I’m not going back to Mexico or dropping out just to move in with you and my brother. I’m going back and do my best over there. I was just whining a little bit before you and your dick interrupted me.

What I did say: Yeah… I guess so.

Exhibit C. On my way to the faculty along with a few classmates, including a couple of girls who know about The Teenager.

One of Them: How is your 16 year old doing?

Me: Could you not call him like that in public? Please… Use his name, I don’t care.

OoT: No. I like the fact that he's 16, it’s adorable.

Crap I should’ve said: What I think is adorable is the fact that you’re a cock-teaser who got stood up for a bald girl and made up with a loser just to get revenge but you don’t see me saying it out loud, do you, virgin?

What I did say: Whatever, dude.

Exhibit D. The second worst feeling after the one you get for failing a final is telling people you failed a final. 

Classmate: How did you do in math?

Me: I failed… I was expecting it, though… You?

Classmate: I passed, I know right? It was such a surprise, really. I guess it’s because I answered every single question… I don’t know. I passed every single course, I can’t believe it.

Crap I should’ve said: I hope you get fucked in the ass without lube.

What I did say: Wow… Congratulations… I’m so happy for you.


  1. It's called growing up/ maturing/ selling-out, when you realize that when you speak your mind it's only going to end up hurting yourself. So you don't really say what you want to and the world goes on spinning. The little white lies are the mark of civilized society. They are lies we must tell regardless of whether we want to.

    We all fail a class sometime. It’s the process of learning. The key is to figure out how the pass the next time.

  2. Tell what u're thinking, think about what u're saying :D

  3. La D la voy a pronunciar unas cuantas veces en las próximas semanas... :D

    ¿Sabes qué es lo mejor de esto, Lola? Que con el paso del tiempo tienes dos caminos ante estas situaciones:
    a) acabar ignorando estas peleas con tu cerebro, tomándolas como cosas que van a estar ahí siempre y que no puedes cambiar.
    b) el que me gusta más a mí, el cinismo inherente a la edad hace que acabes soltando por la boca esas cosas que en tu post están en cursiva. Y que además las digas sin que te importe una mierda lo que piense el de enfrente. Lo que quieres es estar tranquilo contigo mismo :D Es una de las cosas buenas de ir cumpliendo años, aunque también tiene sus pegas.
    A veces no está mal pensar lo que se ladra.

  4. @Jules. Quoting Ghandi (or so they say…) We are owners of our silence, but slaves to our own words.

    @Dennis. Some things better stay unsaid.

    @Juanjo. Suerte con eso!
    Va, es que son situaciones diferentes, yo creo. Hay cosas que si no nos debería importar decir, es más, sería mejor hacerlo… Hay otras que luego pueden ser tomadas en tu contra. Es un poco de adolescentes creer que puedes decir lo que te venga de los huevos, supongo que en eso los dos estaremos de acuerdo… (ok, parece que te estoy atacando, pero no lo estoy haciendo, esto de la palabra escrita a veces puede ser contraproducente… Un beso!)

  5. I never say the right thing either or at least what I wanted to say. As for failing math: sorry. It can be a bitch. Math is not as important in Architecture as it is in some majors.

    I don't want to return to school next semester because I like my free time and I am used to working. Plus, I feel a little out of place there because I am almost 30.

    My school( has a kick-ass architecture program. Better than Georgia Tech but long and full of hard work. I wouldn't be able to do it.

    Sorry, not sure if I have privileges to reply to your blogs. Just saw it and thought you are interesting.

  6. My problem is that I always come up with the right words way too late, just in time when people stopped caring about your comeback.
    So you’re going to study architecture or something similar? Oh man, I do hope I’m able to do it.
    Oh, come on, I publish this on the internet, everybody with a computed and access to wifi has the privilege to reply, don’t you worry about that :*

  7. I study mechatronic engineering at SPSU... it's electrical engineering with the disciplines of mechanical and software engineering for the purpose of automation. *Robotics*.

    It's boring, except to us nerds. As for architecture, I have some friends in it and they are constantly doing projects and sleeping in the Studio. They do weird things like crumpling (not fold) paper so that it abstractly looks like an everyday object. They also listen to jazz a lot and have stylish haircuts. I am not into nice hair: I mess mine up on purpose!