Friday, February 25, 2011

If You Want to Know the Truth

You know you’re spending way too much time around attention whores when the idea of answering random stranger’s questions sound like the most fun a girl could have.

So, that’s what I’m doing… Of course I need random strangers for that and who’s more random than you, beautiful-person-reading-this?

Click Here, YouSexyThing

Anonymous, nice and easy… Just like me.

If I haven’t convince you yet, let me tell you a little story…

My parents have always been very busy people and my two big brothers are overachievers; I’ve spent my whole life seeking attention and recognition that just doesn’t come… No matter what I accomplish, it will not be a big deal at home, because my brothers will probably do it first. School wasn’t any better, I wasn’t very attractive while growing up and, also, kind of a loser… I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the kids I went to Jr. High with don’t even remember me anymore. Internet is like home for me, people actually listen to what I have to say; just knowing that someone out there cares enough to ask about me means the world to me… It really makes up for the attention I always lack of.

That you just read was, of course, bullshit. I had a very happy childhood, being not only the youngest of three but the only girl gave me more attention that I could handle… I’m just aware sob stories make awesome marketing.

So, just for the hell of it, ask whatever you want. Stupid and naughty questions are not only acceptable but encouraged. I’ll make an entry answering every single question the best way I can.

If this still doesn’t sound fun enough for you, here’s a puppy:


You can’t say no to a puppy.


  1. Having not read the whole blog, I don't know if you've addressed the difference in the way people dress on the street and at parties, between the two continents. Going regularly between the US and France, teenage girls in the US scare me by dressing so much more trampy than what I see in France.

    And since you encourage naughty, you have to give your opinion on pubic hair, and if/how/when/why you decided to change yours (why, especially with regards to boyfriends vs media, being the fun part). :o)

  2. I plan to have fun with this. This is going to make my Friday.

  3. Yeah, Jules. This sounds pretty interesting... :D

  4. (5/y-3) = 1 + (y+7)/(2y-6)

    You have 24 hours.

  5. to My secret stash:

    y = 1/6 * (9 ± i * sqrt(39))


  6. Half of the answers are already on (I give you credit that you already took notice of that fact).
    Thanks, guys :*