Sunday, February 13, 2011

Me, Myself and I

For the first time, since I was 16, I’m spending a Valentine’s Day single.


I’m not even mad!


  1. Valentine's Day is overrated. It's just a gimmick made up by the greeting card and chocolate companies to push sales. Also, it's just an excuse for guys to only be romantic for a day and then think they're off the hook for a whole year. It's a scam if you think about it...

    This cynical rant brought to you by: I've Never Had A Boyfriend On Valentine's Day

  2. P.S. Love the curly haired meme lol

  3. I personally think Valentine's Day is stupid.

    I'm not bitter, I just really don't see the point for it. If I want to be romantic for someone, I'll do that anytime of the year...

  4. Haha go you! This is the first time since I was 16 that I've had a partner! I'm forcing us to stay in and make grilled cheese though because Valentine's day is really overrated.

  5. I plan on spending Valentines day naked, all 24 hours. I told my wife she can plan anything she wants, but she has to realized I am not going to put on one article of clothing on all day.

    PS. 1 hour down 23 more to go.

  6. Porque quieres.



  7. @Danni. You see, I really have no problem with Valentine’s Day… Maybe I just have good memories from that day; except this year, when I decided to come up with a serious case of diarrhea… Lovely.

    @Bree. Yours is the only argument I can understand, really. “Not bitter, just stupid”, yes, actually, being an atheist every single holiday seems stupid. I think I may be stupid, though, since I really love having an excuse to be extra jolly.

    @Emily. I love the fact that every single complain for Valentine’s has come from girls, being us the ones know for loving this holiday. Stay in and grilled cheese sounds like a hell of a plan to me… You see, I’m the stay in kind of girl (and the grilled cheese kind too, I think).

    @Jules. Your comment cracked me up. Don’t you have to go to work, though? Or you have those kinds of jobs where clothes aren’t really necessary…? You have to tell me how that went.

    @Juanjo. Vale, para el próximo año, si las cosas siguen igual… Escogeré al azar a uno de esos de 18 años que van a clases conmigo que no me hablan y le preguntare si quiere ser mi novio. Espero obtener una respuesta más elaborada que: “Tú eres la de México, verdad?”

  8. Yeah, work was kind of an issue. They tend to frown upon diverting from the dress code. So for about 10 hours I had to wear clothes. However, when I got home nakedness resumed. The good thing about nakedness is that it seems to be contagious.

  9. So I get to assume you do enjoy Valentine’s Day… And for all the right reasons <3