Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Same Songs

This entry goes out to my good friends
Especially the ones I had before High School Graduation of 2007
And to all the boys back in Jr. High
Who actually spoke to me,
Even though I was a fat girl and a really annoying geek.

I hope this entry finds them well
And I hope they’re doing fucking swell.
I hope that they’re back up if they’ve ever been down.
And I hope they’re working on getting the fuck out of our hometown.

Here comes a shout-out to all my teachers
Who thought I had ability at writing,
And told me I’d make it far.
And to that one who thought I couldn’t write for shit,
To her, who even mocked my stuff,
For giving me the edge to prove her wrong.

This entry goes out to my big brother,
For putting up with me following him around,
And for making me smile when things at school weren’t great,
For not getting mad when I infest his computer with Trojans.
For taking me to the mall when I still couldn’t drive.
For telling me the guy who rejected me was ugly anyway.
For hand-me-down electronics and a Planet Hollywood T’s
And for never beating the shit out of me.

I hope this entry finds him well,
And I hope that he’s doing fucking swell.
I hope that he’s back up cause I know he has been down,
I just wish he’d get the fuck out of our hometown.

I’m so glad I got the fuck out of my hometown.


Inspired by:
My HometownBowling For Soup


  1. Your new .GIF makes me shutter everytime I look at it. I am like, "NO, don't give your tongue a paper cut!"

    PS. Your brothers' computer is probably not a good place to store your condoms. Just saying.

  2. Don’t worry, I know how and where to put my tongue… I don’t know if you will believe me, but I didn’t mean it in a dirty way.