Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting Corny

My nerves fail me; I’m being defeated by anxiety.
I know I may regret it later.
Today I’m too scared to look for you,
I’m scared I may find you.
I’m scared of your eyes; I’m too scared to talk.
I’m scared I may want to kiss you.
I tell myself:
Don’t be stupid.
Don’t be so cynical.
Don’t try to fight it.
Today I’m scared of dancing again,
I’m scared you may laugh at me.
I’m scared of people;
I don’t want to take control...
I’m scared I may like it.
I’m scared of lies, I don’t have any faith left.
I’m scared I may believe again.

I tell myself:
Don’t be stupid.
Don’t be so cynical.
Don’t try to fight it.
Not everyone is such a bad guy,
Not everything is wrong.
Not everyone is a villain waiting to kill you.
Not everything is lost.


Hoy Tengo Miedo

I translate the song just for you, kiddos. I’m nice like that.


  1. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  2. If there is no reason why, that in itself is a reason why not.

  3. If you have no reason to post comments, that in itself is a reason why you should not...

    People are so annoying. Anyway, I like this song. I sometimes need that reminder that not all guys are assholes. There are plenty of them out there (see comment above) but not all of them! <3

  4. Ho ho ho. I was commenting asking why, what you said makes no sense in regard to what was said previously. You sound like an uptight bitch and all, but, try to say things which aren't just an altered repetition of what I said to make it sound like a good retort.

  5. People, people! Should I upload some John Lennon song and hand out daisies?
    Come on, this is not failblog.
    And Tim, honey, no bitch-calling allowed.

  6. It makes me think of the recent Audi ad with Kenny G playing sleepy songs to calm prison riots.

    Yes ma'am, we'll behave ma'am. Is forum moderation a form of sub/dom relatioship?

  7. Oh, definitely.
    I knew that whip and leather underwear I bought would be useful someday…
    Me gusta :D

  8. "Pics or it didn't happen"
    *Sorry, had to.

  9. I was just many views have your blog gathered since you joined failbook ?

    Also, I hate you.

    P.S.: Sorry to bother you. It's late here and I need to bother at least one person per day. Doctor told me to.

    P.P.S.: Nice lyrics, btw. I like phobias. Kidding, I hate them. The lyrics, I mean. Phobias are evergreen.

  10. So ah... This may be a little random, but for some reason I just posted a huge ass comment in a blog from 6 months ago... and it would be stupid if you didn't even read it xD

    So please take a look, and try to read it with a smile because it ended up sounding too serious!


    Oh yeah, here it is:

    PS 1: Near the end, I meant book, not boot
    PS 2: I just read your whole blog in one go, I have way too much time on my hands. I will be waiting for the next blog.

  11. @bob. Sorry, hon, it didn’t happen.

    @Nah. My blog and failblog have always been one. About the rest… I don’t know, whatever, puppy, unicorn.

    @Anon. Don’t worry, dude, every time someone comments on my blog, whatever entry it is I get an email… So I was going to read your comment anyway.
    Wait! You read my whole blog? I feel like I should thank you… Man, you really made my day. Wow. You should know you already know me more than my father does.

  12. Anon guy here again, in case you haven't read the other post yet.

    Yeah, I did read the whole blog, I was trying to create a social based, manly and cool excuse for doing so, but then I just decided to say that I had none. Trying to look cool around people you don't know in a blog would be sad.

    Nice making your day btw, till next time.