Friday, March 4, 2011

Only Very Sexy Stuff Interested Him

Some questions were a bit similar, I chose to answer one of its kind.
I’m smart like that.

Lube, check.
Tissues, check.
Crucifix, check.

Let’s do this shit…

What are you wearing right now?
Nothing, master ;)

In one of your entries you talked about how a girl can just ask a stranger to have sex and his answer will be yes. Since reading your blog made me think of you like a nymphomaniac in a dry spell, what would you do if a guy comes up to you and just plainly asks if you want to have sex?
Is that guy Rupert Grint…? He is, isn’t he? :D
The truth is… I do have more sex rules for myself than I’d wish for.

If we had sex around 5-7 times a week, and about 3 of those times were quickies in which you didn't get off, would you be displeased, somewhat pleased, pleased, very pleased or ecstatic? and why?
…My answer would be “ecstatic”, I want my guy to be unable to keep his hands off me.

If you had a detachable fully-functioning penis, what would you do with it?
Jack off as if my life depended on it… Then, maybe, I’d bake an apple pie and fuck it.

The most random place where you had sex?
I was such a horny teenager (who wasn’t, right?) I had sex in so many random places, the weirdest one ended up being a comfortable bed…
Whatever, those random places included: A fitting room, woods, cinema, dark alley, my porch at night.

You are in an art studio and there is a nude female model on a pedestal in front of you. She has her back to you at first while you take your seat and lay out your canvas and charcoal pencils. When she turns to face you and assumes her pose, you are blown away by the similarities you share with her body. You study her naked form more closely as you begin to draw and find yourself getting strangely attracted to her. You wonder if it is because she is identical to you from the neck down. You are so fascinated with this woman's body and your experience that you decide to write down every detail that you were unable to capture in your drawing.What do you write?
I would be too busy fucking her brains out to write a thing.

Were you bi-curious?
Was I? I guess so… Women are beautiful and sexy as fuck, no room for doubt there. I still prefer cocks.

You have to give your opinion on pubic hair, and if/how/when/why you decided to change yours (why, especially with regards to boyfriends vs media, being the fun part).
I like it better when guys shave their balls, then I won’t have to pick hairs off my tongue.
I waxed for the first time to surprise my ex, I keep doing it ever since because I really feel waaay more confortable and clean that way. Besides, I don’t want to give guys an excuse to not go down on me.
Even if, right now, the only guy going down on me is my vibrator and he doesn’t have the option to refuse.

Pill and/or condom and/or what?
Condom… I’m thinking about going on the pill, though. Yes, I’m afraid my vibrator may knock me up, shut up!

What is your favorite sex position?
Any kind of sex? Lying on whatever with a guy’s head between my legs. Intercourse wise, doggy style.

Spit or swallow? *Fun Fact: This was the most asked question.
I’ll just say all those nutrition facts better be true…

What was the best sex session you had, how was it different than normal?
I guess when my then-boyfriend and I went to a motel… Simple, it was comfortable and I didn’t have to worry about any of our parents interrupting us.

What was the most awkward sexual situation you have been in?
Any time I had to keep a poker face on when my parents came into the living room and my then-boyfriend had to hide his erection under a pillow.

What exactly are your sexual complexes?
I asked and googled a definition for sexual complexes… I still have no idea in which direction should I go; complex as if I’m attracted to my father…? if I’m ashamed of the taste of my pussy…? or if I like to suck on toes…?
Since I have no idea what you meant I’ll just tell you something weird about myself… you like that, huh? I don’t know if it’s a feminist thing but I have a hard time fantasizing about guys being rough on me. If I’m in the mood for a little s&m, I have to picture myself with another woman.

What do you find the sexiest part of a man is?
Eyes… Tongue… Arms… Shoulders… Smile… Abs…

What do you find the sexiest part of a woman is?
Eyes, boobies, lips and butt.

Cuddle or "get off!"?
I’ll cuddle the shit out of him! <3

Would you suck an asian penis?
Is there a nice guy attached to it…? Or is it a walking penis made in Asia?

How was the first time you had sex?
I, seriously, did so much shit with a penis before one actually touch my vagina that it wasn’t that big of a deal for me… It did hurt, though… It hurt as hell.

Have you tried anal, what is your opinion on it?
My review? Well, it’s not ‘that bad’… That’s about it. Every time I did it my backdoor didn’t function properly for the rest of the day.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to sex experimentation?
No one will ever pee on me, nor will I pee on somebody else… There’s my line right there.

Pearl rabbit or Tantus Hoss?
I just googled the Tantus… That shit is graphic! I will choose the Rabbit, because it’s pink and pretty.

Would you ever consider taking money for sex?
I’ve never seen myself in such a desperate position… I wouldn’t know. Although, my answer right now would be a big no.
Or giving money for sex? (with an extremely handsome guy that you can't get into bed otherwise?)
This will definitely be no. More than half of the fun (for me) is feeling desired; I want the guy to be thinking “Holy shit, dude, I’m banging her! Holy fucking shit!”… Without that, it’s just not worth it.
(I guess we just found another “limit” of mine, good job, you!)

Have you ever done webcam sex?
Funny you ask… It was my first kind of sex.
I’m too old for that shit now, though.

What are your wildest fantasies?
Threesome with a guy and a lesbian…
I wouldn’t say no to a threesome with two guys, though.
And, I guess, a heterosexual couple would work too but the girl must be more interested in me…. I JUST FUCKING WANT ATTENTION, OK!?

What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?
Telling a bunch of strangers about my sexual life.

Why are you so beautiful?

Are your friends and classmates aware of this blog where they can actually read about your sexual life and preferences? If so, then based on that information, they could take some certain actions to quickly get between your legs (or should I say to win your love). Or, let's put it upside down - do you aim at that by blogging here?
Are you asking me if I started a blog to get laid? Why didn’t I think of that?
No. They have no idea I’m a secret blogger *evil laugh*


  1. love the answers! haha and I actually asked the "why are you so beautiful?" one, even though you only asked for sex questions :)

  2. I'm dumbfounded when I try to put together
    - these answers
    - how nice you look
    - the posts about insta-making out with guys in bars
    with the facts that
    - your magic number is two (if I read correctly)
    - "only guy going down on me is my vibrator"

    On top of a self-proclaimed attention whore (the unusual kind that doesn't tell her own friends she blogs, just to confuse my brain further), are you also a giant tease?


  3. @Dennis. Well, thanks.

    @Bree. I ignored a lot of questions that weren’t sex related… This one was so sweet that I had to. That’s my gif completely dedicated to you.

    @bob. I’m guessing there was a compliment along the lines. Thanks you :* My magic number can be explained by two facts: There’s a possibility we have different ‘standards’ of what makes a number magical and, by a large amount of my sex life I’ve been with the same guy.

  4. an asian guy with a penis! =)

  5. If I like him... I guess.
    Hope you don't expect me to hump the first asian guy I see, it doesn't work that way.
    Is this conversation politically correct?

  6. Thank you for answering my questions.

  7. What the fuck? First, How did I miss this little exercise? And second, when a hot girl opens the discussion by asking for dirty questions, why did everyone pussy out and throw up softballs?

    I'm late but here are mine:

    1. How often do you beat off and do you think about guys or girls?
    2. Would you say your nipples are more mexican (large) or Spanish (small)?
    3. Do you watch porn?
    4. Do you orgasm from penetration or clitoral?
    5. What size of penis do you prefer and have you ever been with a guy that was too large?

    Hey, in real life I would never ask a stranger these questions so I am taking full advantage of the beauty of anonymity. Viva La Internet! Winning!

  8. I see the stalkers came out of the wood work for this one. I never thought that some of the questions would be just as intersting as the answers.

    So my only question is now, how do I take your sexual libido and place it in my wife?

    PS. You might not want to switch to the pill until you are in a long term realtionship. First off you have to take a pill everyday at the same time. You miss one and you can not say it will be effective. Second the pill does not work for everyone, and the only way you will know, is when it too late. But that just my opinion.

  9. @Mr Chris. You’re very welcome.

    @Kristoffer. It is too late… But you did call me hot so I’m going to answer two, ok?
    I do watch porn. A lot. Right now I’m into babysitters.
    You won’t believe this. Guys never do. I don’t care about the size of a fucking penis. I prefer to be fingered either way.

    @Jules. Guys are curious about how much sex a 20 year old girl has… Let’s not act surprise.
    Yes. I’m just thinking about it; kinda the reason why I joked about having a relationship with my vibrator.

  10. Kristoffer, other questions were asked, and while she did not answer every one (nor publish the unanswered ones, which would be a fun post), we are grateful for what we get.
    There are so many direct follow-up questions that I could ask...
    I will point out my two favorite answers: "guy’s head between my legs" and "prefer to be fingered". They are my favorite because, as a man, anytime I've told a girl beforehand that it's my favorite thing to do to her, I got "yeah, right" reactions (I guess men have to be my-penis-centric in girls minds).

    Oh wait, forgot to call you hot so you'd say something.

  11. Actually, Bob… I think I did answer every question. There were repeated/similar ones, which I avoided, there were also some that I felt were answered along the lines of someone else’s question and I didn’t want to be repetitive. I had to ignore questions that weren’t sex related, since I wanted to be on topic.
    However, if someone asked for some dirt completely different to what was posted and it isn’t here, I, for some reason, never got it.
    I'll forgive you for not calling me hot just because you like to give head. Real men eat pussy <3

  12. I'm amazed that a whole post about your sexual life hasn't generated more comments.
    Would we be in that legendary corner of the web said to be home to "grown-ups"?

  13. Guys don't talk to me because I'm too pretty. That's what I tell myself.

  14. Talking is optional, like asking for names.

  15. Nice that you prefer fingering, I hate it when girls don't like it, as that's the part of sex I'm best at, kinda ruins the act if she doesn't want it.

  16. @bob. Oh! Low blow… I like you ;D

    @Anon. I refuse to believe girls don’t like to be fingered. They must not know their bodies at all.