Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Thing About Girls

Remember the Classy Bitch act I was showing off on my last entry? I think I may have come off, for some of you, as a stone cold bitch… Even though, now, I know the whole situation wasn’t a big freaking deal, it’s only fair to share the behind-the-scenes feature and made people realize how very far I am from that image.

After my date with the Dude, I went from cool to pathetic in 2,6 seconds just as I walked through the door. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to hold the tears for long I knew I was in serious need for some cunt back up.

Soldier number one didn’t took long to show up: my beloved character, Muffin. Just as the rules from girl etiquette establish it, she assured me Dude will show up eventually and if he didn’t, he was a stupid jerk. The moment I shed a tear she surprised the fuck out me by whipping it immediately and kissing my cheek. While she was stroking my leg my mind run from “Is she trying to make me feel better by sexing me up?” to “I guess is not second base until she grabs a boob”, deciding, finally, to give in to the innocent girl on girl action, I hugged the hell out of Muffin.

Introducing soldier number two: medical student/friend, who, from her ability to talk about her sex life and major for hours is like interacting with a Grey’s Anatomy character. Grey rushed into my room with a bowl of yogurt (very cliché of her, if only that would have been for me) and jokingly (or not) advised me to sleep with his best friend; considering Dude’s best friend is Muffin’s boyfriend I didn’t take it to be a great option, however, her skills to make me laugh about the issue within the hour that happened showed me she is just my kind of chick (even if I’m a little offended because she didn’t try to feel me up).

So… is this the girly interaction I was running away from? Blah, it’s really not that bad… Not bad at all.


  1. Girls are sooo girls. Very nice. Well done Muffin and Sexy nurse.

    if Dude won't show up - just go hunt him down and kick his ass =)

  2. Mio jealous mucho.
    Seriously, who decided that (near-)breakups for guys were supposed to involve alcohol, sports and more alcohol? I'll take the "girl sexing me up" version! (I know that in case of "near-", the sexing is really not recommended, just let me dream, ok?)

    For two people I'll never meet, I'm suprisingly happy that he called and you're fine. It must be that I'm rooting for the geek to get the nice girl. Whether I blame hollywood or personal experience is still TBD.

  3. Bob has a point, I wonder why the hell am I rooting for you guys, I don't think it's about me being a geek, I'm not a geek, I'm just weird, but still he sounds like a cool guy.

    It was also funny to see the way you girls react to this kind of situation.

    If it was guys it would be something like this:

    Geek Guy: Hey there dude.
    Dude: Hey there. So, how is that girl you've been seing?
    Geek Guy: Yeah... it's fine.
    Dude: Hmm.. wanna a beer?
    Geek Guy: Sure.
    Dude: All right, c'mon, the game (football in Brazil, I guess in Spain as well) is starting.

    And that's how we give support.

  4. You really like changing the image of your blog! =) Also, i don't usually buy popcorn when i go to the movies but i would still go see the movie about your life in the future although i might criticize - "wtf... that's not how it happenend!i read the blog!!damn director screwing things up!"

    On topic... even with all their flaws both girls actually seem like good friends. =)

  5. I think a some nudity would really spice up this blog. It would make it artistic, and European, and mature intimate in a wholesome and friendly way.

    We'd get to know the real you.. not just your thoughts.. You've got to immortalize that body - it won't last forever - Celebrate it! Capture the moment!

    So how about it?
    Could you maybe drop trou for us?

    We'd all really appreciate it. ;)

  6. I agree with Anon. What a fine, wholesome man he is.

  7. What the f!@#? is that what i'm thinking it is? People asking for your boobies snapshots? How did it get to that?
    And about the post, it's really nothing but normal for you to enjoy girly contact.

  8. @Dennis. Yes, they are. I’m glad I’m one of them.

    @Bob. You realize for things to be equal it would be a guy sexing you up, right?

    @Felipe. That’s why being a girl rocks… We can cry from time to time without anyone bothering us.

    @Pedro. I do… Entertains the hell out of me. Haha loved the “that’s not how it happened!”

    @Anon. I do look great naked but just a few lucky ones have or will be able to substantiate that fact. Life: It’s unfair.

    @Tim. Don’t encourage him.

    @Nothing’s up. Guys like seeing boobies + I have boobies =… It adds up.

    @Nah. Yes.

  9. That wasn't a request, but thank you for being available.

  10. It wasn't coming on to you, but thank you for being nice.

  11. You never say nice things to me.

  12. Loved the way Anon made the sentence "Show boobies now!" into a classy and almost artistic text, one could fall for that, Rose in Titanic did.