Monday, April 25, 2011

Actors Carrying Crucifixes

It was like a bomb that just kept exploding: “I have a girlfriend. This whole flirtation is in your head”

He should have mentioned her earlier. That guy is a jerk.

Thing is, I don’t think he is. I sparked with this person. I never spark… I wonder how happy they are.
This is not a good side of me. Seriously! What’s the point of meeting someone like that if they’re not available?

It’s the universe telling you they’re still out there.

Maybe it’s the universe telling you all the good ones are taken.

What did he look like?

I can’t remember, which is what always happens when I really like someone. I just remember a feeling… Or he was a dating mirage.
I was so hungry for a spark, I hallucinated a man!

Sex and the City
 plus one is the loneliest number,
Season 5

Why come up with witty thoughts when there are TV shows?


  1. all the good ones aren't taken, maybe you're just looking in the wrong spot. Most girls make the mistake of not really looking for intelligent guys. Dumb guys maybe good in bed, but are jerks more often i reckon. And i don't think a degree or education is an indicator of intelligence, many people may certainly disagree.

    Secondly, there are good ones that might be taken, but unhappy, just waiting to find the right girl.

  2. Don't be sad Lola.I gotta funny joke that may make you feel better:

    "One evening, Bob was at home putting on a shirt his wife had bought him. His wife saw him and came into the room shouting "Where do you think you're going?!". He looked at her and calmly said "Out drinking with the boys".

    "Oh no you don't! Everytime you go out drinking you come home with vomit all over yourself. You're not going to ruin that shirt I bought you". After thirty minutes of arguing, Bob finally convinced his wife to let him go out.

    Later that night, after many hours of drinking with his friends, bob ended up vomiting all over the shirt his wife had bought him.

    "Oh no! My wifes gonna kill me!"

    Paul, bobs friend, offered bob a solution.

    "When you get home walk into the house holding a twenty dollar bill. This way, when your wife yells at you, just tell her someone else vomited on you and gave you a twenty for the dry-cleaning".

    Bob did just that, stumbling into his house, shirt covered in vomit.Once his wife saw him she shouted "I told you this would happen!"

    "Baby, wait!", bob intervened. "I was at the bar having a good time, when this bozo puked all over me. Look! He gave me twenty dollars for the dry cleaning".

    SHe looked at his hand and saw two $20 bills.

    "Oh yeah? The whats the second $20 for?!"

    "Oh that? That's from the guy who shit my pants".


  3. @Anon. Girls are into the dumb ones? That’s the first time I hear that, I always hear it’s the other way around. Apparently neither intelligent guys nor intelligent girls have a chance at love.

    @NYCsir. Sense of humor, you sure know the way to my heart.

  4. @Lola. You're like a female version of me. I know what floats your boat!

  5. maybe intelligent girls should just date intelligent boys and the other way around. of course hotness plays a part too. darn it!

    Do you consider yourself intelligent? I would from reading your blog. so you might be one of the hot intelligent girls guys are looking for.

    oh a sense of humor is soo original :D

  6. @NYCsir. uh, kinky!

    @Anon. and still I don't have real-life gentleman callers...
    Thank you, though :*

  7. I'll probably get kicked out of the club for this, but I'm going to let you in on the secret about men.

    We are, without a doubt, the DUMBEST creatures on the face of the planet. No other species is as completely oblivious to the most obvious things as human males are. Not much of a secret, right? Here's the catch: Men can't change. There is no one thing that can make us "see the light", nothing that can makes us grow up, and nothing that can make us understand what it was we did that was wrong. We are totally oblivious to such things. Some men, however, can be successfully trained. I would encourage any woman to look for a man who is already trained rather than tackle the monumental task of first figuring out if he's trainable and then finding out what outside of sex makes him respond positively.

    It's a simple concept, I know; but one that is pretty much 100% right on for every man.

    I was rambling a bit there, but that little bit usually does well in getting me the occassional phone number! =oP

  8. yeah and that girly smiley ruined it again: =oP
    i couldn't even figure out what it was at first, haha

    @lola, it's because no one can make the same realisation IRL when they don't know about the writing, right?

  9. @Kagedo. I’ll probably get kicked out of the club for this, but I don’t think guys are that bad. I really don’t think there’s that much of a difference between women and men. A few quirks, yeah, but that whole Mars and Venus just sounds a bit like crap to me. Guys may be dumb but girls aren’t that clever sometimes… That’s why we fit so well at the end.

    @ Anon. In real life I am sarcastic and say penis way too often… I write like I talk… Just translate it. Whatevs!

  10. Sounds like we can be clubless together Lola! lol

  11. aaand here I am again. Let's start with a checklist:

    1.asskissers √
    2.quotes from a show I don't like √
    3.penises! √
    4.ano √ (sorry, couldn't resist).

    Okay. Oh, one more thing. The glasses...why those horrible glasses became so popular nowadays ?

    I know you all missed me. You still nauseate me, though. <3

    Hi to you too, lola. , and that's why you are right.

  12. Theorem 2.6
    Let A(x) denote the set of attributes of x.
    Then ∀p ∈ People, card({Social, Intelligent} ∩ A(p)) ≤ 1.

  13. Oh, I didn't notice that my message didn't make it entirely. The missing part was "insert random on-topic comment" just after "hi to you too lola".

    Didn't think about html symbols, meh.

  14. @kagedo. I know, we would make a terrific team.

    @Nah. Those glasses in particular are the ones they give you in 3d movies… Without the 3d plastic. That’s how I roll, biotch. Hello, by the way.

    @ xarnae. I actually have a blast figuring out this comment. Who’s going to pass Math this summer? I am! :D

  15. you can be both social and intelligent. it's just a common misconception (or evil ploy by the nerds to cover their asses). Of course stupid people wouldn't admit they could be smarter and still be social. Of course nerds won't admit they could be more social and still smart (most die-hard nerds are not _that awesomely_ smart either).

    you seem to be both, and as we know with math you only need one proof of the contrary to refute a hypothesis :)

    btw: I'm flirting with a girl on the Internet as "Anon"... that's pretty fucking sad. I should rather try to work on my contribution to refuting that hypothesis ^^

  16. I didn’t realize you were flirting with me until you pointed out… I’m so slow. Well, thank you; picturing me giggling and touching your arm lightly.

  17. THAT glasses ? Oh cool, I have them too. But I kept the plastic; I always wanted to see the real world in 3D.

  18. @lola: yeah it seems to have been more of a one sided kind of thing. forever alone. fml.

    I'm picturing... :P

    oh btw: all the anons lately are the same anon :)

  19. @ Nah. I didn’t think less of you, don’t worry.

    @Anon. You could simply name yourself.