Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Very Good Conversationalist

This is why you, guys, don’t want me to videoblog… Not really.

From now, and until further notice, this blog is a tribute to my dogs.


  1. Man, you sure are talkative. I bet your friends just can't shut you up.


    This blog post will self-destruct in 5...4...3...

  2. You're unknowable until we can hear you talk & your accent. Then .. your blog will be in your voice. your _sexy_ voice..

  3. Love it! We should do a collab vid sometime! <3

  4. You pop it girl!

  5. The popping made me horny. :-D

  6. I guess from the plane post and the dogs you are home for the summer. So I guess that will be fun for a little bit… Then you will miss the freedom of college life. Then you will wonder why you came home. Then when you get back to Spain, you will miss home. Funny how the mind works.

    It's okay I don't know what I would say on a video blog either. Not that anything entertaining ever happens in my life. Still the video media is a nice touch, if you have the time and energy for it. I was wondering whether you were going to try English or Spanish. I could use a good Spanish lesson. Yo hablo espanol malo. :(

    I was going to try to learn for our trip to Europe, but then we decided not to go to Itialy, and Spanish will not help me out much in France, or Switzerland. So I have been neglecting my studies.

    Next time you do a video blog at least say hello and no a pop does not count, unless you speak Somalian.

  7. I guess my headphones are broken..

    I feel slightly aggrieved that we didn't get any chat.

  8. less talking more cleaving ok? ok.

    im sun btw. i was making a name up and the only thing in my head were boobs.

  9. I hope you carry a scrunchy with you on dates where a BJ is possibly on the agenda. Vidal Sassoon would have a hard time keeping your hair up and out of the way.

  10. We don't get to hear your voice? Still stuck making up voices for you..... I'm gonna put with you...Bisha Muda's voice. Ha. Take that. Now what're you gonna do?

  11. @xarnae. They do ask me to shut up; I don't even talk that much.

    @Anon. It's not that sexy... You will have to trust me on that one.

    @Danni. It would be kinda hard to get me to say a word; we would have our own version of Penn&Teller.

    @Pedro. Pop it! Louder!

    @Anon. My pleasure.

    @Jules. Good one, Sherlock. I'm not going to be here long enough to get tired of this place.

    @Aboob. Given that I didn't say a thing I don't know how I could give you less talking.

    @Kristoffer. ...I... I actually do that.

    @Dennis. I'm flattered that you would want to see that crap on more detail.

    @Zac. Better for you to imagine it... I bet it's more fun/sexy/interesting than how it really is.

  12. How many times did you listen to "dance commander" while you made this video

    p.s. electric six make me jizz everytime

  13. Just once!
    I thought it was painfully obvious how little time I invested on that video.

  14. i'd watch you cutting potatos like for 2 hours or so

  15. I do cut potatoes in a very gracious manner <3

  16. What was that you said about douchebags wearing sunglasses indoors? hahaha

  17. That was it… That they were douches.
    Good thing I never pretended to be something else :D