Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flunking the Hell Out of Here




  1. This... is... awesome. Please, more of this.

  2. I am trying to decided whether this meets the criteria for "pics or it didn't happen." Technically I think it does not, but my gut tells me, close enough.

  3. Just curious, when do you start school? In the states we started classes over 4 weeks ago.

  4. @xarnae. Thank you <3 And sure, when I come up with something good.

    @Jules. I don’t know if you are asking me for pictures of my boobs… Or if it’s just me assuming guys are always asking for pictures of my boobs.

    @DaRuJack. September, 19! I know… In mexico we started classes on August, but then, I also finished them on May… Here it’s July – September. Fascinating, huh?

  5. Pictures of your boobs would be nice.

  6. You don't know that, kind sir; I could have atrocious boobs.

  7. No, that request would be "tits or GTFO". "Pics or it didn't happen" refers to a unbelievable situation that can only be believed via providing proof thru pictures. Although, not adverse to seeing the boobies in question. I do not believe that we are that type of acquaintances where such a request would be appropriate. I however can not speak to the conversations with the rest of you male acquaintances.

  8. Jules is that guy that stumbles upon the questionable magazines (porn or people, you decide what's worse) and says "oh, well, might as well see what the fuss is about". But he won't get caught paying for it, especially because he likes the cashier, and the whole neighborhood is watching.

    Per two videos you posted, one of them a while back, You would need to have spectacularly deformed nipples for your boobs to qualify as "atrocious", since the rest, while not being exceptional, seems pretty nice.

    But this is all speculation, and the scientific method requires that we approach the evidence from all practical angles. Please provide said angles, having removed from the DUT any the shielding that may interfere with the capture/measuring device. it's for science, really.

    Love the cartoons. With the way you think, you just need to fuck with the right guy and you'll easily become a famous comedian (sex not really required, but then it's 200 times harder to get your first gig, unless your parents are famous. See "hollywood" for more information)

  9. @bob_super Oh, I'm pretty sure she's found the *perfect* guy to fuck. He's pretty lucky, too.

  10. Goddamn right I'm lucky. You have no idea.

    Oh, and don't listen to her, lads- her boobs are freaking spectacular.

  11. Is BritishMan full o' BS? I'll bet he is.

  12. @Jules. No, I guess it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to ask to see my boobs… I’m glad we are both agreeing on this.

    @bob. I could have done with the “not being exceptional” but I see your compliments and I raise you a thank you

    @Anon. He tells me I’m pretty too!

    @ <3. You kinky british man…

    @ Anon. You don’t think I could own a “freaking spectacular” set of boobs? That’s not nice!

  13. I was baiting you. You were supposed to shove them in my face in a moment of hurt pride, while screaming "There, you b@stard! How the F#$& can you dare say these are not exceptional!!!"
    Sadly you didn't fall for it...

    I'm actually past the age of drooling in idolatry over the idea of boobs. So if I get to tell you that they or your ass are cute, it will be when justified, not because I'm deluded enough to believe random blog compliments will ever land my nose on your mons.

    I keep coming back because I enjoy what comes out of your synapses more than what's not completely hidden in your shirt. And that, I can say without lying, is exceptional stuff.