Friday, September 2, 2011


I hate…

because I have heard a grown woman say “omg! If I meet an Edward, I will dump my fiancée lol!1”

because if I ever get another superior touched-by-the-angel-of-technology kind of look, I will start burning Starbucks down, where all the kids who are willing to overpay for appearance hang out.

Harry Potter
because… Ok, I don’t really hate Harry Potter… But I might if this MY CHILDHOOD IS OFFICIALLY OVER trend doesn’t fade out, soon.
You’re twenty-fucking-five, for crying out loud, get a grip!

That’s right, kids… I hate products based on their fanbases; I hate fanbases because they full of… fans; and fans are obsessed with/have a passion for something, which (and this is when it gets dramatic.. Run! RUN, I TELL YOU!):


There’s not a product/idea/goal that gets me off my lazy (but perky) ass; for that same reason, I feel I have no path in life… I’m studying architecture because I figured it’s nice and cool to say I’m someone who’s creative, smart and likes hanging out with gay dudes, but I’m not entirely sure I want to be an architect.

I don’t feel a real big passion for architecture, or drawing, or math, or physics, or art… Or nothing.

I love sex. Man… Do I love sex. That doesn’t count, though; next thing I know I will be joining a fan club for people who like to turning oxygen into carbon dioxide.

I’m going nowhere (and not even very fast to, at least, make it sound cool and cliché)… I am enjoying the ride – a freaking lot – which, I feel is worth mentioning.

Once I got over the typical “I hate everything” teen phase, I can say I have been very happy with my lousy irrelevant existence… So, if worse comes to worst and I don’t get to be one of those people who do what they love, I’d happily settle for loving what I do.


  1. The fact that you can be single never ceases to amaze me...
    And to make me weep when I think about the stupidity of the boys that surround you.

  2. What about just something you're good at? Aside from the sex.
    I mean, it took me a while to find my true calling, but it's what adults used to tell me.

    "What are you good at?"
    I just hadn't bothered to actually listen to these words of wisdom.

  3. You could always pick up a career as a trophy wife. Just saying...

  4. Loved your "HATES". The Harry Potter one doesn't mean much to me because i was a lill to "big" when it became popular, but i totally understand where you're coming from.
    To the rest... maybe you're just good at many things without really excelling at one :P That's hard. But wait! You're good at blogging...if only you could make a living out of it...

  5. Well, there's always porn!

    Think of all the people you'd make happy.

    And - are you really living life fully if you aren't pushing the boundaries? Don't you want to have stories to tell?

    You'll have 50 years with your body becoming slowly more lumpen & undefined .. It's coming .. as sure as the sunset .. Now might be the time to experiment.

  6. @bob. I should pay you to follow me around and boost my ego <3

    @Martin. Well… When I put my mind to it, I don’t suck at what I’m trying to achieve…
    My point is… I’m good at something (like, everyone else) whenever I really feel like doing it.

    @Jules. Oh! That’s the plan… The architect part is to hold entertaining and stimulating conversations with his friends at dinner parties.

    @Pedro. Yeah… I guess I’m not completely useless. It’s when you grow up that you realize, how cool would have been to be a nerd, right?

    @Anon. I like the general idea… But I prefer to use my temporarily hot bod fucking a guy just the way I want to, and not how middle age director tells me it looks good on camera. Personal choice.

  7. That'd be in violation of that maturity I was praising...

    On the other hand, that'd be a much less stressful job, so how much does it pay and how close can I follow?

  8. Is it me, or not?
    Will I give out my name, or dot dot dot?
    Did Lola, forgot about me? Of course.
    Will I make her remember me? Yeah, and if she don't then I will make her by force.

    Name: .........

    Anyways, Yeah I agree with you.

    I heard this one girl said ''For my birthday, I'm going to wish I'm a vampire till I'm 28''.

    She's 23, and ''Wow'' that is just dumb. :p

    Missed You

  9. Methinks you'd make a good columnist.

  10. This blog needs more promiscuity.

  11. @Anon. Stripper-bodygaurds promise security.

  12. @bob. I was thinking of just saying “thanks” a lot… Could you make a living of that?

    @Anon. Honey, I will need more clues than that… Since I don’t really recognize you.

    @Adam. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. That would be amazing <3

    @Anon. I AGREE!

  13. If I was a millionaire, that could work. But then again, if I was a millionaire, I could get my own ego-boosting followers. That would make your place a bit crowded...