Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wash Your Mouth Out with Soap



  1. That made me horny. :-(

  2. That's totally a "That's what HE said" moment...

  3. "that's because you're coming in the wrong way. Try from the other side"

  4. If the glove doesn't fit you must a-quit...

    or get the lube. Lube works too.
    Adds a whole new meaning to bumping and grinding.

  5. I don't get it .. that's far too subtle.

  6. Well, I tried to be gentle, like you asked.

    For a while.

  7. @Anon. I get that a lot.

    @Danni. Guys say a lot of dirty stuff too; it’s just not on the record.

    @bob. That’s… Do you mean…? Oh lord.

    @Jules. And it scratches completely the “dry humpimp”

    @Anon. Sex. Penis. Vagina.

    @ <3. Until you get bored and want to try something else… You filthy man.

  8. I meant that most people in non-island countries practice more often their parallel parking towards the right side of the car.
    Regardless of which spot you're going for, it's better to initiate the maneuver from whatever position you are most experienced in. This way you can slide your car in with less effort and are less likely to scratch anything.

    What else? :-)

  9. Of course I got that… I was just amazed that people are actually capable of driving at the other side of the road. It’s just crazy!
    Yep… I will stick to that story.

  10. Name:.....

    Hey I'm back,
    sorry but today, my rhymes are going to be wack.
    Or where they already like that?
    Supposively this is rap. :p
    Anyway, I was on my way, to another page,
    while I read this, and I got amaze.
    This is so hilarious, funny, it made me laugh.
    get it? It was my car that was right there, if your brother would of parked it, he would of crashed.

    No seriously, this is so funny.
    Hahahaha, nice one ;)
    Take care.

  11. @..... Well, thank you. True story!