Saturday, October 29, 2011

When You’re Dead, They Really Fix You Up

This year, for Halloween, I was planning on being Dead Body #2, from Freddy vs. Jason… Then, I remember I’m way too cool for that shit.

I’m throwing my own party instead, with such a restrictive guest list it just includes me; going as an stressed architecture student (with bags under my eyes and everything!). Everyone is required to bring their own laptops with AutoCad installed and there will be coffee! Lots and lots of coffee! I will just go ahead and ruin the big surprise: British Man will come late at night, and show, all guest, his penis.

Anyway, Happy Halloween!


  1. Just because you're a little bit scared of my penis doesn't make it a Halloween costume.

  2. @<3. I swear, give us a couple of months and my entries will simply be “Hey, British Man, did you booked the hotel already?” and the comments will consist of “No, honey, I will do it this afternoon” “Ok! Tell me when you do; see you at 8! :*”
    Of course, that’s thinking that in a couple of months you will call me ‘honey’ and not ‘fucktoy’… Which I hope you don’t <3

  3. You know if either one of you is ever asked whether you've ever hooked up with someone directly because of Facebook you can proudly say: "No but I've hooked up with someone multiple times because of Failbook."
    That has got to be a record of some kind.

  4. Hahah this is hilarious.
    Lola and BritishMan <3

  5. Never invite AutoCAD to the party, it's such a drama queen. All it does bitch that you are not paying attention to it and why don't you save more? Then it will crash on the floor half way thru. Your only option will be to give it the boot.

    P.S. I hope britishman dressed up as a pirate and ran you thru with his dagger, or atleast let you walk the plank ;)

  6. Just caught up on the last couple of months posts. Well done. You certainly have stepped up the production valu of late. I especially like the comic strips. Keep up the good work!

    "It's funny. All you have to do is say something nobody understands and they'll do practically anything you want them to."

  7. Name:.....
    Yeah I was there at the Party//
    Getting drunk, drinking vodka, beer, tequila and bakardi//
    altough it's kind of funny//
    because Lola was getting at me//
    and of course, I couldn't say no//
    We were too busy, to see the british guy//
    I don't know if he showed up or not, but I have to go, take care and bye//

  8. @Brit-Man If you acknowledge the trolls existence you give it power.

  9. @Jules: Lola claims she doesn't tell her friends about her blog, so is Britishman also a Troll or is he the real deal?

  10. I have to say - British Man's penis is a boorish party guest. All he wants to do is talk politics, stick his head in a crevice and explode.

    Don't make eye-contact, and protect your butt and armpits!

  11. @dom. Funny you would mention it, dear dom. After we fuck each other senseless we did discuss it; British Sir got to the conclusion that we couldn’t be the only ones who have received sex out of failbook.

    @Anon. I ship us too.

    @ Jules. But you love it when everything goes alright and does exactly what you tell her to… That little slut.

    @Anon. I have to agree with British Man here, I wouldn’t be able to ignore him <3

    @<3. You’re enjoying this, you dirty thing.

    @ Jules. Hi! Hello, again. He just sees it as an excuse to show off. He’s kinky that way.

    @bob. That’s a long story. The British Gentleman figure his way through internet life to real life. He’s charming that way.

    @Biggs Tiffy. You, Tiffy, deserve a price for that comment. Clap, clap!