Saturday, November 26, 2011

Be a Buddy

Let’s be honest with each other for a second; you don’t care about me, not really… And that’s perfectly fine. This is purely entertainment, back and forth. I’m an exhibitionist, you’re a voyeur. We are each other’s “ok, one entry and then I start that thing I should really be doing but I’ve been avoiding all this time”, and I say… Let’s milk it!*

I already did this months ago (link, and another link!) and it was freaking fun. You ask and I write an entry answering everything. Conditions are still the same: there aren’t any; stupid, dirty or honest curiosity about that girl who enjoys narrating her daily life to complete strangers… Everything  is allowed. It’s anonymous, you don’t have to write down a name, email or credit card number… So, go crazy.

Fill my askbox * so we can keep procrastinating together.

* Things that made me giggle because I’m twelve.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are You Drunk?

I’ve notice that one of the most popular topics of my blog is the simple and typical college social life. That’s awesome and perfectly understandable, but you should know that, normally, I don’t have any. Last year was a novelty; you know, first year out of my parents’ house = get home every weekend so drunk that chick from the Exorcist would be proud. The real Lola, the “I have experienced that already… Can we, please, move on?”  Lola prefers going to the movies, eat junk food and, lately, masturbate furiously to the sound of a British accent.

This weekend I decided to do a little sacrifice, just for you, guys. I went through the tumultuous task of buying a pretty cocktail dress, doing my hair and serving myself a couple glasses of free sangria; all to be a convincing undercover reporter… Just for you, guys <3

I figured it would be a great night, amongst other people, the party included Grey, Dude, Muffin and Muffin Man… Characters, that by their own, have been interesting topics for my blog. All together should be amazing, right? RIGHT?


They probably were. I’m sure. Grey and Dude hooked up, and Muffin and her man had a pretty huge fight. Sadly, I wasn’t there to witness any of that, people tend to like their privacy for that kind of stuff. Go figure. Ok, don’t leave me yet, I managed to get a story, I swear!

There was a fifth blog character I wasn’t counting on, Cute Guy; he asked me to join him for a smoke, which is funny since I don’t smoke (…funny may not be the word) but, since the sangria effect was already vanishing and people were starting to be boring again, I figured there wouldn’t be much more different to have an uncomfortable conversation in or outside the bar. He’s, also, a friend, kinda… More of an acquaintance; we have shared a some  nice cordial conversations, and so we were, back there…  Until he decided to throw his cigarette away in a very dramatic way and pull me towards him. I’m giving you the chance to recreate the scene by handing you the script:

Ok, you don’t have the balls to be a bitch… Act cool!
No. I’m sorry, no.

(smiles back)

Oh perfect, this guy thinks I’m playing hard to get. You try to be nice…
NO. Really, no.
(backs off after he still tries too give it a try)
I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gone out, I didn’t know you were going after this.

No. I wasn’t going after this, I just wanted to catch up with you… But why not?

Oh dear… I can’t believe I’m actually going to pull this one…
There’s someone else.

Is he here?

Uhm… Sure.
He means “here” in Europe, right?

Ok… Just one kiss

Great argument
NO! I’m really sorry, but I’m serious.

Well, then, just come here

(Doesn’t “come there”)

I’m not going to try to kiss you, I swear!
I’m sorry for putting you in an uncomfortable situation.

Don’t worry, it’s ok…
I should have known “join me for a cigarette” was code for “let’s make out in the parking lot”.


I’m really sorry for the kid, but I’m glad I have a story to tell.

Saturday, November 5, 2011