Saturday, November 26, 2011

Be a Buddy

Let’s be honest with each other for a second; you don’t care about me, not really… And that’s perfectly fine. This is purely entertainment, back and forth. I’m an exhibitionist, you’re a voyeur. We are each other’s “ok, one entry and then I start that thing I should really be doing but I’ve been avoiding all this time”, and I say… Let’s milk it!*

I already did this months ago (link, and another link!) and it was freaking fun. You ask and I write an entry answering everything. Conditions are still the same: there aren’t any; stupid, dirty or honest curiosity about that girl who enjoys narrating her daily life to complete strangers… Everything  is allowed. It’s anonymous, you don’t have to write down a name, email or credit card number… So, go crazy.

Fill my askbox * so we can keep procrastinating together.

* Things that made me giggle because I’m twelve.


  1. can u touch ur nose with a tongue?
    u know what to do, right? vlog it :D

  2. Alas if you're happy & content, then there's less drama and awkwardness and anxiety - you become boring.. I think perhaps Britishman has taken you away from the Voyeurs & made you a real person. Too bad. Growing up is a drag.

  3. Sorry to dissapoint you, but I find the girl behind Lola Dahl quite ineteresting

    (And she's probably more interesting that girl girl between her legs, since that one can't use her tongue to talk at the minute)

    1. I'll take that into consideration.
      Maybe some day I'll get that girl out of my dungeon to write for you an entry or two.