Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jesus As Our Buddy



  1. I seriously don't know what to answer here...

  2. I just realised... It would really suck to not regularly get to see your magnificent boobies.

    I kinda feel sorry for the guys who aren't me but would still extremely enjoy your boobies - namely; all of them.

  3. Yep. I'm pretty sure pity is what you're feeling. <3
    I'm too lazy to open gmail right now, so, if you read this... Remember me to tell you something about booking the hotel :*

  4. I don't want to sound like the Grinch, but those of us who come to read clever blog posts could probably (and I'm just talking from past experience) do without teenage-grade "look at me, I'm happy I have sex with her and not you" comments.
    It's cute and we're happy for you, but we already did get the point. I am assuming there may be more to Britishman than the oh-so-good way he uses his penis or his admiration for your body. I wouldn't mind proof of that.
    And if you're stuck in one-topic mode, then at least send us some videos.

  5. Superbob, you're a really swell disembodied opinion, and I know you've been affectionately stalking Lola longer than I have, but trust me; if you were tapping that ass, you'd be on the street with a ridiculous grin on your face, stopping random strangers and expressing your sympathies for their plight of generally not having such a spectacular time of things as you are.

    (Yes I'm aware you're married and/or have kids or something. Work with me here.)

    <3 & xx's


  6. Fair, but beware that your comments so far have been a bit dickcentric, which makes you appear a bit one-dimensional, when Lola herself has advertised the very real quad-dimensional nature of your skills. I wouldn't want to rub her the wrong way by calling your comments shallow, let's just avoid frictions and enjoy our respective paths to Lola's depths (if you would be so kind as to leave her time to write between boobies-on-cam moments).

    My wife is "something" to smile about too, I understand the feeling, but without broadcasting it to people that follow her lucubrations (she'd kill me if I did).

  7. LOL you said 'rub', 'friction', 'Lola's depths' and something that sounded sort of like lubrication :D

  8. Ok, ok, ok… I have to take some of the blame here.
    I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I like people knowing about my sex life, SHOCKING! Right…? British Man knows those kind of comments turn me on… Hee :D