Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fifty Million Dead Cigars; Part 2

Y U NO post updates? :)
I could come up with a lot of crap involving family, school work, a cryptic “personal issues” or a dog eating something… But I’d go with the honest “I just didn’t feel like it”.

Sexy Ones

where do you prefer to receive cum?
Oh, dear… I rewrote this answer way too many times already. Wherever I feel like it in the moment. I don’t know. Leave me alone! I don’t like questions in which I have to think.

Strangest thing that ever went in to your vagina?
I’m not that kind of girl… I’d say a tampon, dildo, or a funny man’s penis.

Do you swallow? In the case of a positive answer, do you do it because you like the taste of it or just because?
I do… Because is fucking sexy. I’d expand on that but it’s always hard to explain a simple turn on.

What's the most common mistake people make mid-sex that turns you off --- if people don't make mistakes in bed with you often, make one up.
I have to say that most simple mistakes can be easily forgiven if the guy is showing enthusiasm. The second I’d start feeling he’s not completely enjoying the show would be a big turn off.

what kind of underwear do you have for sexy time?
Underwear is expensive and I’m a student, I can’t go around buying panties for special use only. I just wear cute regular panties; he’s going to take them off anyway.

do you let guys cum in your mouth even if it is the first time you have sex with them?
It’s not a general rule I have… If I feel like it, I’d do it. If not… Well, you get the drift.

"...And then add two more I’ve never mentioned."
you really like talking about your sexlife, why you never wrote about these 2 guys?

They weren’t very pleasant experiences and I don’t enjoy talking about it.

Would you fuck a guy in the ass with a strap-on?
It’s not on my “FUCK NO!1” list, but it’s not really a turn on, either. If he wants me to do it, hell, I can try everything once.

Your threesome: two guys, two girls, one of each? Same for your foursome?
One of each; both paying attention to me because I’m a princess!
If I’m ever in a foursome, I’d like it to be with another couple without swinging… Maybe a make out with the other girl for the sake of giving a nice show.

have you ever done cosplay for sex? and if you did, what was your costume?
Cosplay means dressing up as an specific character, right? Not really, just as a catholic school girl.

How did the overly anticipated sex extravaganza meet your expectations?
The only way BritishMan wouldn’t meet my expectations is by not showing up… Or, you know, killing me or something freaky like that.

My Irrelevant Life

Going to Mexico any time soon, since not for the holidays?
This summer, hopefully.

The best present you have even received?
I thought about going for a really cute speech about the importance of the intention behind the gift…
Then, I remembered the amount of times, each and every member of my family was forced to watch Barbie shop at the supermarket:

The best present you have ever given?
My virtue, the rest of the guys have just been receiving sweaters…
See, this would be so much funny if there were Gilmore Girls fans amongst the audience.
*Credit for the joke

Favourite movie?
People are going to get tired of hearing me ramble about Titanic at some point.

Philosophy and Stuff

-The penis is...
a)a male sex organ
b)inverted pogo stick
c)inside __________
d)all of the above

a) a male sex organ :D…
What? It is! It is! We are all grown-ups here.

What is love?
Oh, baby, don’t hurt me. No more.

-Love is like a?
You know, I know someone upstairs who has the same existential problems you do.

Stealing my Spotlight

Do you mind that I hacked into your cybersex feed by BM? (honestly, not me, but someone likely did)
Did you, at least, jacked off to it? He’s good, isn’t he? <3

Can we cuddle for awhile?
Sure, sweetie <3 but it is just cuddles, ok? Don’t get any funny ideas.

Do you know where I can get porn featuring rough hard sex without the endless whipping and such? I simply want to see a girl get fucked hard while the guy is pulling on her hair and/or has a hand around his throat. Yet, that seems vry hard to find on the internet.
omg. We should start our own porn company; I have the same tragic problem… If it’s not the traditional in-out-done, I get purple breasts and pissing.

Misconception of what a question is

Random pic of one nude piece of your body, play the guess-the-part game.

You didn't answer any of my questions (like I give a shit if you'll do it after your exams - that's just procrastinating procrastinating), use any of my blog topics, take up my offer of a British guy and your replies to my emails were one line and clearly a box ticking exercise.
I do have a question though; How the fuck can you get lost in Liverpool Street Station, or was that just a lie that you thought (correctly) may result in dick?

Ok, ok, I didn’t really get lost in the Liverpool Street Station; I got lost in London, but I assumed telling the poor guy I was inside a red telephone box would be too ambiguous… So we set an easy meeting point for me. I already knew I was going to get dick <3 there was no need to make up a lie.
Oh, also, this.

Side note on your answer to rimming: I don't need a girls tongue or fingers near my ass, neither do they need to lick my hairy flat nipples, but I'll do it to her in a heartbeat if I fell she'll enjoy it. Not all sex actions have to be reciprocated.
Aw <3 I like nice guys.
I do enjoy some kind of anal stimulation but, because of all the things that go on down there, I don’t find it particularly sexy; I’d keep it as impersonal as possible. Small toys, for example.

To be continued…



    [where do you prefer to receive cum?]
    - Lately, she likes it in her mouth.

    [what kind of underwear do you have for sexy time?]
    - Since sexy time is all the time, all her underwear is sexy time underwear.

    [do you let guys cum in your mouth even if it is the first time you have sex with them?]
    - She let me.

    [The penis is...]
    - Almost too much. Almost.

    [You didn't ... take up my offer of a British guy and your replies to my emails were one line and clearly a box ticking exercise.
    - Now why would she want you to screw her when I'm doing such a great job already? You might be so lucky as to be British, but you'll never be her BritishMan, because that would require you to be as or more awesome than myself, which - I think we can all agree - probably won't be happening any time soon.

    Your confusion is understandable though; you sound pretty frustrated - catching glimpses of such a libidinous little bombshell and reading about her exploits probably leaves you pretty blue-balled. I can relate.

    ...Oh wait, no, actually I can't; since every time I see this girl I bang her like I just got out of prison. Because she's my little fucktoy, not yours ;D

    Love and kisses,
    -BM xox

    1. You didn’t cum in my mouth the first time we had sex! It was the second time, totally… I’m a lady, jeez.

  2. Hey BM, congrats on your big, busy peen and all - you sure are proud. But I think most folks are here to visit Lola. Your glee is irksome.

    I think I speak for most that if a taxi cab accidentally ran over your foot, we'd all be OK with it.

    Love and kisses,

    1. Not trying to meddle into this exchange of love and kisses… I just wanted to mention I didn’t know ‘glee’ was an actual word, and I thank you for turning me a more educated person.

    2. While not wishing pain on anybody, I have to agree that, while bragging once about getting the girl can be excused, doing it systematically -and in details- isn't a great display of finesse.
      There are many terms to call the excessive swaggerer. I am just hoping it's an online character thing again and the real person behind BM is not that way with regards to Lola's puppeteer, who has displayed sufficient wit to deserve better.

    3. Since I like you, Bob, as much as you can like a faceless man <3 I will go against BM’s wishes of maintaining a James Deen (not a typo) image and tell you he is freakishly smart and (don’t tell him I told you this) tremendously sweet and caring… But he does get his kicks from bragging about his sex life on the internet. No wonder why we get along, huh?