Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cool and Nonchalant


My friend Muffin (you better remember her, she’s a sweetheart) has this little conviction based –mostly, but not entirely- on that excitement we developed by the time we become greedy bastards; the feeling you have the day before your birthday/Christmas/casual friday. She calls that anxiety of anticipation “the best part”; just like when you were about you unwrap your presents, when you had no idea what you were going to get, you just hoped for something awesome.

I mentioned that to British Man last night and, immediately, I was forced to spend 2 minutes and a half explaining myself (time we could have used discussing who was going to hang up first). I don’t agree with Muffin. The best part, for me, was playing with my new Barbie convertible. Howeeeeever, I do think there’s something really cool about anticipating… anything.

We wait impatiently for something we are getting in an hour, a day, a week… The amount of time doesn’t even matter, mainly because we just want to get it over with. There’s where I agree with Muffin (and with Schrödinger, I guess), we should appreciate the fuck out of that moment because, no matter what the gift turns out to be, the second before we were simply ecstatic.


  1. I find that the best anticipation is when you get an awesome gift for someone. One they don't know they are getting, but you know they will absolutely love. That feeling when you can't wait until they open it. Yep that's my ecstatic moment.

    P.S. If you replace the unicorn with the British Man laying face up in a field of grass this picture makes a whole lot more sense.

  2. It's essentially been two weeks since that post, so now that you've made half your point by maxing us out on the anticipation part, when do we get our next not-Barbie post to compare?