Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trying to Feel Some Kind of Good-by

I kissed you good bye at the airport, I held you so close to me.
I said “So here we are now and I can't stop from crying”
And you said “Hey, you know I’ll be there before you know it; you’ll be brave for me when you get on that plane

The plane took off and I left him behind. Gravity pushed my whole body down and the man sitting next to me said “Everything is gonna be alright”
I said Nothing is gonna be alright, but thank you anywayand then I saw your face through the airplane window.
I waved my hands and I shouted to you:
”Tonight! I wanna be with you tonight” 

I wore a T-shirt and my worn out boots. Abandoned as a summer cat.
As I sit there as a broken hearted I realized I had something to distract myself with,
so I tried to get immerse in a book; I fell asleep on my seat, instead.
I dreamed of summer sex with you and you whispered in my ear:
”Tonight; I wanna be with you tonight”

Why couldn’t I leave tomorrow instead?

And above the clouds I said to myself:
”I can't believe how naive we are both being,
that’s why I go through all of this
and that’s why it might work out

Billie The Vision and The Dancers

Can I get arrested for murdering a song with my nonexistent writing skills?

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  1. Not arrested, but maybe a fine and community service.