Monday, May 14, 2012

Don’t Want to Interrupt My Worrying

It’s not exactly a newsflash that I removed my contact section; I did that a while ago, it’s just time to explain myself (you just have to go with it).

To put in a few words, some people were getting too excited communicating their exquisite taste on internet blogs. Far from me to ask people to lower their standards, I should say that this blog started as a way to entertain and express myself. You could tell by my early entries I wasn’t expecting any attention at all; for some reason I got it and I loved it. I, then, wanted to write better entries, still using this blog as a way to vent out about my stressing life as a middle class young woman but being relatively entertaining. I knew I could be funny or at least I could fake it for the sole purpose of amusing myself.

Over time some readers started getting demanding and were expecting a certain kind of humor or subjects; they weren’t too shy to let me know. For a while I worried and discarded a couple of blog ideas because “the public” might not want to read about it. That’s when I knew there was something wrong going on.

Do something for me. Imagine you get a puppy, a really cute one. You bought it for yourself and simply enjoy having it in your house peeing on everything you love. Now, imagine some people hear about the cute peeing puppy and want to look at it. You’re a bit surprised but, also, excited about the prospect of having someone to share some “d’awww” moments with. Then, imagine some of those guests are training the puppy to not pee on the couch. Ok. That sounds reasonable. Some are now expecting the puppy to play the piano as that cat on youtube did once. Another person wants to dress it in human clothes; another one thinks it’s time for the fuzzy thing to learn the basics on fire ring jumping; another – Ok. I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this, or if my puppy analogy truly fits what I was trying to say. To be honest, sometimes I just want to talk about puppies no matter what the subject was to begin with. Because puppies are cute. I like puppies. Sometimes I have fantasies about British Man turning into a puppy.

Where I was trying to get is: I’m not getting paid to write on here. I do it because I love it and I love being read too. However, the only thing I can do is to write about whatever my tiny stupid heart feels like and hope you enjoy it.

All of this doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from my readers. I get excited every time I get comments, I guess everybody likes feeling people care about their mildly pathetic lives…. It’s ok to criticize; go ahead and tell me how silly I am for the choices I make, or how naïve my thoughts are. Just, please, abstain yourself from telling me I shouldn’t write about it because you don’t find it fun to read.

That being said, and even if there’s no contact e-mail, if you feel like telling me something or insulting me, that’s what the comments section is for. Believe me, I’m not a very important person, so I can give myself the time to read every comment over  and over again.

However, if you want to know more about any aspect of my barely relevant life; if you have any question for me or for British Man (I have no problem sharing the attention with my Sir) you can ask anything anonymously on this link , he or I (whoever the question was directed to) will answer as soon as we can on that same site, but if I see any blog topic potential, I (or he, again) will write a whole entry about it on this blog.

I now apologize for saying I’m not an attention seeker and parade myself as an attention whore on the same post. Also, puppies.


  1. Lola go ahead and write the way you feel. I enjoy it very much. Specialy when that artistic sight comes from your personal thoughts even if they seem not interesting they will grab people's attention for sure!

  2. Um... The puppy is a metaphor for your boobies, right? Just want to make sure we're on the same page here.

    1. ... No.
      Puppy stands for puppy >:[