Sunday, May 27, 2012

Riding for Some Kind of a Terrible, Terrible Fall

I found out, a while ago, that the best way I have to deal with being sad is watching a horror movie… Not a comedy, a love story or even a look-how-cute-puppies-are movie. What I really need is to watch a teenager being slashed in two and think “well, that is a real problem… unlike mine”.

Yesterday I was in serious need of something like that, and browsing through horror movies I found “The Human Centipede II”… Of course, I have already watched the first one. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, first of all, bless your soul, second: it’s about some crazy doctor who has too much free time on his hand so he decides to attach 3 people mouth to anus creating, that way, a human centipede. People like me, who apparently think there aren’t enough tragedies going on all around the world, proceeded to watch him do it, generating enough success for the creators to conclude we were asking for more. All of their best ideas were wasted on the first movie, so they resorted to simply adding more people to the centipede.

…And I wanted to watch that. I can’t say I liked the first one… I guess it fed it’s purpose of making me sick. Yesterday I thought that the sequel would not only make me feel grateful that I’m not eating someone else’s shit (literally; metaphorically, I’m pretty sure we all are) but, also, I would be unable to think about anything else for, at least, a week. Then, this happened:


Hanging my clothes helped me come back to my senses so I closed the tab; without any permanent emotional damage .

I ended up watching ‘Seed of Chucky’… My favorite kind of horror movies are the ones which are simply horribly bad.


  1. Yeah, the only experience I plan to have with that movie is the South Park rendition of it. That was more than enough for me.

    1. I understand. It would be quite a nice challenge if you set yourself to watch it while eating fried chicken.