Saturday, August 25, 2012

If a Body Catch a Body

From my last blog entry, you might have gotten the impression I just love sitting here doing nothing but judge people I know. That’s not true. I also love judging people I don’t know.

There’s this blog (which I’m not giving its name because I dread to think you’d use your internet connection on something other than reading me), it’s run by a couple, a guy and a girl in a D/s relationship. I follow a few more blogs like that one, but written by people older than I am and much more skilled on the issue. These two are much more relatable, specially her, being around my age, fairly inexperienced and with a bit of a smart mouth.  Just a few days ago, the guy –or the Dominant- shocked me by posting his decision on renting “his pet”. Through an agreement, people would have a chance to screw the girl. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this. It is a relatively common practice (or that’s what my research says). People do it and that’s awesome; I just wasn't expecting it from someone similar to me.

British Man and I have discussed it. I’m not into being shared around men and he’s not into sharing me with other men… It was a short discussion, as you can see.

When I was a teenager, it used to be a bit of a fantasy to be with a number of guys at the same time. As I grew it, the fantasy has been diminishing until now, it has completely disappeared. I keep wondering why, specially since I have no problem fooling around with girls.

I’m sure that admitting men and women are different is the first step I have to take to solve this dilemma (ah! If all dilemmas revolved around hooking, either, with a bunch of guys or a bunch of girls… That’s the world John Lennon truly imagined). We are different. We are both awesome, but in our own way… And there’s no need to send any gender to Mars. Just saying.

Being with a woman would be like being with someone similar to me. Next to British Man she would stand as a completely different individual, with different things to offer and different (my thesaurus couldn’t find a better word either) ways of seeking pleasure. It would be easy for me to see her as a complement, regardless if she’s a sub, a Dom or a goddam astronaut.

A guy or guys would be another deal. While I do think my British Man is a special snowflake, to share the spotlight with others “like him” would compromise this all-mighty figure I have of him…Ok. Let’s start this over.

Hi! I’m Lola and I love sex. I also love reading about sex. From my research, I have gathered that this “sharing the sub” act has quite a romantic meaning (not one I’d share when my friends are arguing which Nicholas Sparks novels is the cutest). See, you really don’t own something until you’re able to share it. This is a level of ownership, both, Dom and sub crave for. I understand this and I truly believe it’s beautiful in a way.

The whole BDSM community is very complex to me. The more I read about it, the more I feel I don’t know a thing. However, like everything else in this world, it can be reduced to this: do whatever the fuck you want. It’s about having fun, being comfortable, feeling fulfilled, not raping or murdering anybody, and putting the label you want to it.

I’d love to please my Sir by fucking other girls; I wouldn’t enjoy it if he asked me to do the same thing with guys. I could put it in fancier words but I’m not a fancy person; it’s as simple as this: I feel owned and appreciated by my Sir when he doesn’t want any cock but his own to benefit directly from my work.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buy Cars and Drink Martinis

I’m back in Mexico for summer break, and man did I miss it. The food, my family, my bed, my friends (and I don’t mean the 10 seasons I own on DVD… Although I did miss that), my baby (that’s how we, childless women, call our missed links between dogs and a stuffed toys), and… Did I mention the food? I can’t really blame the country for owning the silver medal on “obesity”, comes with the territory. What I didn’t miss at all is how society works around here.

For the few weeks I’ve been here, I have already heard three girls my age got married. I mean married-married, not “lol I just changed my status on Facebook and now I’m married to my best friend… Which is funny because we are both girls but we are not lesbians. We just like pretending we are… Get it? Hilarious, right!?”*

I guess I just reached an age where is perfectly normal for girls to get married in MexicoI don’t like being so generalin my city? social-class? book club? God, I don’t know, simply, around me.

Some of them find a job; some of them jump from planning a wedding to baby showers to soccer practices. I’m not trying to judge here. I wasn’t exactly the “put a pillowcase over my head and play bride” kinda gal, but not even I am so cynic to deny that the idea of throwing a big party and receiving free blenders is kind of cool. If you want to marry young and rich, go ahead, you won’t have me burning any of my bras at your wedding.

What I wonder is if these girls (yes, I’m focusing on the ladies… Let a male blogger worry about the dicks) know there are other choices. I remember telling a friend, last year, marriage wasn’t in any of my near-future plans. Even though she didn’t run around the Starbucks yelling “KILL IT WITH FIRE!”, she did look at me as if I had chanted “Bloody Mary” three times in front of her and she was a mirror… Or some other allegory that actually makes sense. I don’t know, maybe I’m just ditzy from all that husbandless I had for breakfast.


*Yes, my Facebook profile  does say I’m engaged to a girl friend but that’s totally different. I did ask her to marry me. Technically, we are engaged and, although, we are not really going to marry each other, it would be rude if I didn’t post my relationship status on Facebook, come on!